Friday, June 11, 2010

Summertime ~ Inside and Out

Summer has never been my favorite season. Here in Southeast Texas, it's hot and humid and there's no relief for months and months. But, since I can't imagine living anywhere but the South, I do the best I can to get into the spirit of the season.

Here’s what summer looks like in and around my home.

The first thing is to clear off the mantel and cover it with shells in glass vases collected from various trips.

Add to that a few photos that remind us of summers past.

The coffee table and hearth are transformed.

Our reading material changes.

We dream of porches with yellow rockers.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen ...

I save the spot above the sink for summer keepsakes. These are from Cape Cod last summer. The pickings were a bit puny, but I love them just the same.

And outdoors ...

The lawn is velvety green, thanks to my hard-working man.

And thanks to yours truly, we always have a few pops of color in the flower gardens (I must have flowers, if only one or two). I add a few whimsical notions every year, to make us smile. What you can't see very well here are the really large rocks scattered throughout, all gathered in our travels from here to yon. I'm not much into souveniers; just give me rocks and shells and I'm a happy camper.

My butterfly weed is looking great.
Haven't seen any butterflies though.

Out back, the ferns are flourishing.

Our new thermometer gets a workout.
This was actually a cool day.

At the end of a long day in the yard, this is a familiar scene.
The Man and his shadow, Diesel.

A trip to my favorite produce farm
and I've got supper on my mind ...

... and summer on a plate.

This post is part of Cindy's weekly "Show and Tell" series.


  1. This post felt like a visit to your home. I loved all the photos that gave a peek into your world. Thanks for sharing and inspiring the beginning of this wonderful season.

  2. LOVE the coffee table and the I love anything nautical.

    Here is my Show n Tell if you'd like to join me today... Have a super weekend!!

  3. Your summer scenes look great, Dayle. The summer supper is sumptuous. Thanks for sharing! Susan

  4. Love the hints of summer throughout your home. What a wonderful feeling. Especially being able to enjoy the summertime in the nice, cool AC, ha!! Gotta love the TX weather.

  5. I love all your photos. Your home looks lovely.

  6. What a wonderful home you have, inside and out.
    Your beautiful brick home is so different then around here. I love the windows and especially your front door. Great home!

  7. I love how you embrace the season even though it isn't a favorite! (It's not my favorite either...) Your sunshiney additions make summer seem more bearable and breezy! I for one find it impossible to be a grumpster around a sunflower.

    Love the quote on your mantel.

  8. I love your home, and yep, I just told sister yesterday, summers in Texas are enjoyable while looking out trough an air conditioned window!

    Your house looks great! Thanks for the sweet comment on my bath.

  9. Your home is very beautiful and I can see the love you put into it! I love the pic of The Man and his buddy in the hammock. Now that's living!

  10. I sure have enjoyed this visit to your home! Looks like Diesel knows how to enjoy a bit of relaxing time :)

    We have lots of heat and humidity here in south Jersey in the summer, but nowhere near what you have in Texas.

    Love seeing the beautiful photos of your summertime livin'!


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