Monday, July 19, 2010

Dining Room Revealed

This is how the dining room used to look, except for the party stuff.

In the 21 years that we've lived here, I've changed very little in my dining room, other than the carpets and window treatments. What can I say? I’m not a fan of change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto. But I gave in somewhat and decided a little change would be good, emphasis on little. I stuck with the basics—wall color and fresh wallpaper on the accent wall.

But first, more before pictures.

My original plan was to do away with the wallpaper altogether, although it is making a comeback in the world of design. However, when my helpers (my sweet daughter and her sweet friend) peeled off the first layer, there was another underneath it, and yet another layer underneath that one. It was soon evident that it would be simpler to hang wallpaper than texture a wall for painting. Been there, done that. Not fun.

Funny how just changing the basics can turn into a week-and-a-half ordeal. I thought that wallpaper would never come off!

Things got ugly.

Really ugly.

Chaos ruled. My head hurt.

But, at last, the wallpaper was down (thanks to The Man using his manly muscles), the wall was primed, and a fresh piece of wallpaper was hung. I'd forgotten how much fun wallpapering is not.

And now, without further ado ...

Welcome to my newly updated dining room! It looks much the same, yet very different. Come on in and look around. 

I wasn't sure I would like the paint color (it’s called “Restful”), but I fell almost instantly in love. It is, indeed, restful and calming and has a vintage feel to it, which is a good thing since everything I own is vintage. And the wallpapered accent wall turned out better than expected. I like how it compliments the furniture and the paint color. It's also got a vintage vibe going on.

Everything here has a history, which only adds to the charm for me. I purchased this old pie safe years ago at a remnant store in McComb, Mississippi. It was painted a flat, milky white when I bought it and looked terrible. I stripped it down to the original finish, then brought it back to life. It's far from perfect, but so am I, which is why it works for me. The cabinet knobs are original, but the screens in the doors had to be replaced.

After the makeover, I decided to place it next to the window, and I'm liking it much better, so far.

I've had those old canisters up top since before I married, and used them in my kitchen until last Christmas, when The Man bought me a new set of my choice.

This dessert cart was purchased many moons ago at a local antique shop.

The crocheted pieces seen in this room were all made by my mother; we call her the Queen of Crochet. Her work is exceptional. This is the only room I use them in and I change them out occasionally for runners.

My mother-in-law gave me this wonderful set of silver, packed neatly in a velvet-lined case, but I love how it looks displayed in an old sugar bowl. I use it often and it’s much handier this way.

I have a thing for rusty buckets. Not sure why, but they’ve always appealed to my rough side, I guess you could say. I have several in and around my home, and they make wonderful containers. This is the corner where the pie safe used to sit. Now it holds a vintage lamp, topped with family photos, and a rusty bucket filled with fresh eucalyptus.

We’ve been in our home since 1989, but the house was built in 1972. The mirror seen here was original to the house and was in one of the bathrooms. The original sticker is on the back, along with the date, 1972. While it isn’t my style, I just couldn’t part with it. It will hang here until something better comes along.

The piece of needlework hanging beside it has very special meaning for me. It was the first needlework kit that my mother gave me in 1973, while I was a patient at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my little dining room.
I'm good for the next 21 years or so.


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  1. This dining room went from pretty to charming with your changes. The personal touches throughout would draw me in if I were a visitor to your home.

    The wallpaper?? That's the very reason that I have a few rooms left in my house which remain as they have been since we moved in in '96. I dread the discovery of what is behind them. Major high fives to you for tackling this!

  2. The new changes really make the room come alive. The color choice is very soothing, but really brightens up your furniture and accessories.

  3. What a huge, beautiful difference new wallpaper and paint makes. I like how you have stories to go with your pieces and how you like the vintage decor. I think it looks like the perfect place to sit and share together, around your table. Great job!

  4. I hate peeling off wallpaper. Never know what surprises await you. Love your finished product!

  5. Dear Dayle: Thanks for the tour and all the great photos. You all did a super job with the dining room renovation. I know it must have been a LOT of work. Such a welcome change is always wonderful. Great job! Susan

  6. That really looks beautiful and how special to have all those pieces that hold a special place in your heart! What a lovely transformation!

  7. It looks wonderful!

    Wow, that wallpaper really got crazy..!

  8. What a pretty looks so soft and homey!!! Enjoy!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  9. It looks fabulous! Love all the meaningful accents you have in the room. You did a great job!

  10. Everything is so pretty. I love the wall color!

  11. I enjoyed my personal tour the other day, sis, and as I said then, I'll say again, the paint color is quite restful. Here's to change!

  12. Your room is beautiful. I love all the special details. I have an antique phone similar to yours that came out of the old Arcade and Attica Railroad office. Now I am inspired to find a place to hang it up.

  13. OHHH your dining room looks GAWWWWWGEOUS! ;-) THanks for your sweet comment about my pergola! I would have a hard time parting with that mirror too!

  14. Wallpaper removal is not fun!But yours turned out great! The new paper POPS your furniture.
    What I like about your dining room are all your little vignettes.

  15. I like the changes a lot -- subtle but impactful! It's such a cozy, inviting room.


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