Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ Laundry day

There's just something about the hum of a washing machine, and the smell of fresh-from-the-dryer laundry, that makes me feel all domestic and smiley on the inside.

What's your simple pleasure today?

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  1. Absolutely delightful and I feel the same, all smiley inside. Loved this. Hugging you and happy TT.

  2. So true - nothing like the smell of fresh clean laundry. When I was a child, my mother used to hang clothes out to dry and they had the "smell of sunshine." Brings back some great memories.


  3. Our simple pleasure today is our Kevin's birthday, and thank you so much for the birthday wishes for him. I will tell him you said so! Lord bless you as you celebrate the weekend.

  4. What a co-incidence, I wrote about ironing for my bigger picture moment!

  5. I totally agree..that was my thoughts today when I finished all the laundry, folded and put away...yea!

  6. That banner (I can't think of what else it's called!) is absolutely adorable! :) Thank you for coming over and linking up today! So glad you did, can't wait to poke around your blog... I'm already hooked!

  7. I need to make my laundry room as cute and bright as yours and THEN maybe I'd like doing laundry a little more than I do! I don't actually mind the washing but the folding and putting away part? Not my favorite.

    But, my simple pleasure today was sitting on a rock in front of my house, reading my book waiting for my daughter's camp bus to arrive. It was a perfect day and seeing that little face in the window of the bus just made me smile.

  8. :) I had to smile as I read this. My washer/dryer are going right now! Another simple pleasure is the sound of my husband doing dishes.
    :) :) Double smile. Happy Thankful Thursday! Have a geat 4th of July weekend. ~Whidbey Woman

  9. Oh Dayle, you are so right! I just got a new washer and dryer delivered and have spent the day getting caught up on laundry. The clean smell and the soft motor just seemed so refreshing to me today. I love your little clothes line, it's darling!

  10. That little clothes line is so cute! There is no good reason why my laundry room isn't cuter.

    I like the look of lingerie neatly put away in a drawer right after a load. I particularly like the feeling that I get when I tuck a little sachet in among it. I don't know why, but for me that's a simple domestic pleasure.

  11. I have a string of miniature clothes on a clothesline above my washer similar to yours. A fun whimsicle addition. I too love the smell of freshly laundered clothes. I usually use laundry soap that I make but my favorite commercial detergent is Tide Pure Essentials White Lilac. Recently, I can't find it anywhere. Hope it isn't discontinued!

  12. I have a string of clothes like that over my laundry room door, too.

    My simple pleasure was drinking in the smells and softness of a newborn. Ah. Heaven.

  13. Baking is always a pleasure to me. Bet you couldn't guess that, could you :)

    Love the sweet clothes line in your laundry room. ahh... snuggling into bed with freshly washed sheets.

    happy 4th to you!

  14. I agree with you. Clean sheets and nicely folded towels in the cupboard...happy me:)

    Really have enjoyed my visit to your blog for the first time. I will be back.


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