Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Surprise, A Quilt, And A Trip

The last three posts have all started with a similar statement, but I need to say it once more. It really is relevant to this post, so, if you've read it already, please bear with me while I sound like a broken record. (hehe)

The Man and I left on an extended trip this week, part of which will include celebrating our 30th anniversary on August 8th. Before we left, my twin sis asked us to let her buy us lunch on the Sunday prior to our departure. It would be her "anniversary treat." So, not one to miss a free meal, we said OK.

And so it was, this past Sunday, after church, we drove to meet Gayle at Salt Grass, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but almost my whole family (minus Big Sis and brother-in-law)! Come to find out, it was our sneaky (but beautiful) daughter who had concocted this little plan, and Aunt Gayle was only happy to help pull it off. :)

I love my peeps, especially the body guard in sunglasses behind me. (wink)
I couldn't believe my daughter had managed to surprise me.

After a yummy lunch, we went to Gayle's house and there was yet another surprise--a beautiful table full of mementos from the early years, and gifts and cards. My sweet daughter had brought fresh flowers and ordered a fabulous picture cake, with colors representing the pastels of our wedding. My sister had adorned the table with lovely candles and seashells, a perfect fit for this beach bum at heart.

Not only beautiful, but delicious!

The Mr. & Mrs, soon-to-be married 30 years.

I will be blogging more about our 30-year marriage on, or around, our actual anniversary, August 8th, but the short of it is no matter how many storms we've encountered, we've found a way to survive them all. If two people (two being the key word) decide nothing will separate them, then nothing will.

Another Sunday surprise was this magnificent king-size quilt, designed and pieced by the hands of my talented mother, and quilted by a local artist.

This added detail makes it extra special and a future heirloom.

I'm so happy to add this quilt to my growing collection.

~ A wider view ~

My dear mother knew I wanted a quilt for the king bed in our motorhome.

She rocks!

Here we are with my beautiful twin sister, and my gorgeous niece, Leslie.

When God gave us Anna Marie, He gave us our hearts' desire for a daughter.
She is beautiful inside and out.

After 30 years, he still makes my heart skip a beat.

I hope you enjoyed my Sunday of surprises.
It was a great send-off for our 30th Anniversary Tour, which starts very soon.


  1. Awwww Dayle, that was a great post. Congratulations to you and your Honey. You both look so happy! I'm happy for you both. Susan

  2. I see nothing but LOVE. The surprise was a great way to start. The quilt, well, it is really special. All those details, wow!
    Now, you two head off into the sunset.
    What a great way to celebrate, so much LOVE.

  3. How wonderful. From the party to the quilt every detail was planned with love. We will celebrate 30 years on October 18. I cannot believe it, but it's true. I read a blog recently that talked about being married with your hand on the doorknob. What a sad way to be in a marriage, but many enter into it in that way. Great to see couples who have weathered the storms of life and are still in love. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Dayle,
    Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful family photos!

  5. This whole post just melts my heart!!!

    Happy Anniversary. 30 years is something to be proud of with a blissful life.

    My Friday Blog - Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Hope your weekend treats you well!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise! I love that anniversary quilt. The colors and artistry are beautiful, and the celebration of the 30 years makes it all the more special.

    I would agree that your daughter is beautiful inside and out! Hope you're having fun. How do you blog from the road? I'm just ignorant enough not to know.

  7. Oh how beautiful!! What a wonderful day for you guys :) Happy Early Anniversary. Gorgeous quilt...
    (our anniversary is the 6th of Aug! Wonderful time of the year for celebrations!!!)

  8. Happy anniversary to you and your dear hubby. What a great surprise your lovely sister and daughter did for you. LOVE the quilt your mom made. Laying under that quilt - a simple pleasure. sandie

  9. @ Kindred spirits - Thanks so much for your generous comments and thoughts. It's lovely to have blogging buds cheering me on.

    @ Debbie - You are not ignorant in any way, my friend. As for how do I blog from the road, we have a laptop computer and whenever we stop for the night, or ever how many days we're staying in one place, the RV campgrounds have WiFi available for guests. I'm able to get online that way. And whenever we're actually rolling, if I need to get online for anything, we have an air-card through our Verizon service. I plug in a little device to my laptop and, voila, I'm online riding down the road. I don't generally blog that way, though, as the "megabyte" usage is limited. I reserve that for times when we aren't close to a "hot spot" and really need to get online for some reason.

  10. How wonderful! Congratulations...we just celebrated 30 years in June...what a true blessing and what a wonderful beginning to your celebration.

  11. Dayle,
    What a great surprise party your family pulled off! The quilt is beautiful and your mother very talented! Congratulations on your 30th anniversary and have a wonderful trip!


  12. Happy 'early' Anniversary!! Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise. I love all the table full of memories! And that quilt... WOW... gorgeous, such a beautiful keepsake! :)


  13. Rejoicing with you on 30 years!!!

    What a fabulous and beautiful surprise you had. And that quilt!! Stunningly beautiful.


  14. How very wonderful! What a special family you have. The quilt is just stunning! So happy for you!

  15. Oh Dayle ~ this post and that quilt brought tears to my eyes! I can just feel the love that was poured into it from your sweet mom. Her heart in knowing and sharing such a wonderful gift and even though her hands aren't the ones that sewed it, the threads of life, love, and all the memories of your dear husband went into this! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! What a day you were given by all of your family! You are soooo truly blessed! The beauty of the Lord shines in all of you!

    Happy early anniversary my friend

  16. Your mother rocks indeed! LOVE this special post!


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