Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ A Needle & Thread

Back in April, I visited an old five-and-dime store (remember those?) and picked up some tea towels and a package of press-on transfer sheets. Before we left town, I pressed one of the images onto a towel and figured I'd have something to do, should I get bored.

In years past, I've done both elaborate and simple needlework pieces. Either way, the motion of working with my hands, creating something with just a needle and thread, is a pleasure so simple, but hard to describe. I'm happy to say, this piece is all finished now and was quick and easy.


What simple pleasure have you been noticing and enjoying lately? You're invited to share with us here, every Thursday. I hope you will.

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I'm still on the road, where the Internet can be sketchy, but I’ll be by to see you, sooner or later. Looking forward to it!



  1. I've noticed for the past few weeks that my dear friend Christine over at Vista Woman has been posting her simple pleasures! I thought I'd join in the fun! Thanks for hosting a party with makes me stop and enjoy the simple things in life! I'm happy to become your newest follower! God bless... Dee Dee

  2. Dayle,
    Ah, something else we have in common. I, too like working with needle and thread to make something beautiful.


  3. Love the tea towels and coffee cups. It's so you. And you know I love needles and thread. Food for the spirit.

  4. The perfect past time. And what a cute choice of pattern.

  5. I love sweet tea towel!! What I wouldn't give to be able to sew! My husband does though :) He was the baby after 3 girls so they taught him well!!!

    My post will be up @ 5:20 am. ok!!

    Thanks for hosting !! I love this day!

  6. Gotta admit, I think you're the little girl my mother always wanted - LOL! How she used to interest me in sewing and crochet; of course, I wasn't interested .... but now I cherish each piece she created with so much love.

  7. I love your tea towel. I purchased a embroidery kit from Michaels on sale while in the States this summer. Haven't done any embroidery since forever ago (like 32 years) -- but thought I would give it a try again.

    I've joined Simple Pleasures again this week. Susan and I are on the same wavelength with our posts this week.

    Best wishes, Tammy P.S. Enjoy the rest of your trip

  8. beautiful...I can't sew for beans but love creating through writing and art...^That finished product is always the best...

  9. Thanks for the invitation! I love your sweet embroidery. My husband used to say, "it focuses the heart on the home".

    Have a great day of enjoying all these Simple Pleasures!

  10. I have to admit I can't needlepoint - but I do love yours and know it's hard work. sandie

  11. Oh how I wish that I had that simple pleasure!!! It is one of the gift that I desire but don't have. My hand work looks sort of OK from the front, but the back looks like what my daughter would call "a hot mess".

    Blessed are you.

  12. Oh I love how this turned out! What great colors you chose. How fun!

  13. Thanks again for hosting this! I so enjoy reading them all. I have not one craftsy bone in my body, but I envy the work of those who do. It's lovely. I think five and dime stores are a simple pleasure as well!

  14. Oh I got tea towels and started has been years since I have done any needle work...I am enjoying it again...yes, simple pleasure, and so satisfying

  15. just wanted to share a simple LAFF this week...;)

  16. Thanks for hosting us, Dayle. I love your precious little tea towel. I used to cross stitch for hours on end. Don't know where those days went to--but they are still hanging all around my house, giving us years of enjoyment. Thank you for the simple reminder of just how satisfying working with needle and thread can be.

  17. I used to do counted cross stitch and embroidery, but don't find time for either anymore. Plus my eyes aren't as good as they once were. :)

    I love your tea towel. Thanks for hosting Simple Pleasures.


  18. i treasure some lovely cross stitched tea
    towels from my beloved grandmother.

    how sweet to think that some day you
    may pass your pretty ones on to a


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