Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Time To Mourn : The Lost Little Ones

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court granted women in America the right to an abortion. With the nod of her head—yes, I’m having this baby; no, I’m not having this baby—life or death is decided. Nobody else has a vote. Forget the father, the relatives, and the thousands of childless couples. Their opinions are irrelevant.

Since 1973, more than 50 million unborn babies have been aborted—92% for social reasons (i.e. untimely, inconvenient, unwanted). To give you an idea of the gravity of 50 million, that’s 20 million more than the combined population of the 20 largest cities in the United States. I simply cannot wrap my head around this truth.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of the late John F. Kennedy, was a fierce leader in the effort to improve the lives of people with mental retardation for more than three decades. In 1968, an article appeared in McCall's magazine, debating the legalization of abortion. Mrs. Shriver brilliantly wrote the opposing viewpoint, stressing that accepting abortion on demand ignores the root problem, and sentences children to death before they are born.

In her conclusion, Mrs. Shriver declared that God is the creator of life—commanding us to respect it at every level—and that He has not given us power over other lives. "Having sure knowledge of the uniqueness and potential of the life within a mother's womb," she wrote, "I cannot grasp how we can righteously claim authority to destroy it."

In 2000 and 2003, my then-editor at The Dallas Morning News asked me to write the pro-life viewpoint for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. He knew my history, and I gladly accepted the assignment both years.

You have the right to your opinion, and I have the right to mine. The following is the editorial that appeared in 2003. And, by special request, I've included the one from 2000, as well.

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Psalm 139:13:
"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." (NLT)


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  1. i hacve new respect for eunice kennedy and even
    more respect for you. as Christians we try not
    to get caught up in politics . . . except for our
    fight for the unborn. that is the deciding factor
    for me. a nation who will not stand up for its
    most vulnerable can not be a great nation.

  2. Dayle, how wonderful God provided a child at the right time! Jesus loved all the children and so must we. Blessings**

  3. Thank you for bring up Roe vs. Wade.
    It is an anniversary that I'm not please to celebrate. But bring it up is important. Teenagers need to be reminded that there is another way.
    That way is ADOPTION.
    Your words have impact.
    Your love is precious.

  4. Hi Dayle...I wish your heart rendering essay could be posted outside the door of every single abortion clinic throughout the country. Maybe it would save some lives, or even one precious life. Susan

  5. The fact that abortion was ever legalized still makes me cringe in horror. No woman has a "right to choose" death for her unborn baby.

  6. Thank you! Thank you! "a right to choose" this is such a bogus option. It is almost as if what is inside of us growing, living, feeling everything we do, is not a living, breathing person.

    Thank you for sharing Dayle,


  7. This is very powerful, Dayle. And sad.
    Yet so hopeful!
    I am thrilled to hear how you have been blessed profoundly by your daughter's life with you. God is so good!
    And you know something - your Simple Pleasures group could have had 2 less members (my sister Barb and myself) if our grandmother had aborted my father in 1917.
    He was a 'foundling orphan' who was abandoned by her when he was 1 month old. He was fostered and then eventually adopted when he turned 14. Married my mum and had 5 children and loved and raised a close-knit family which has many branches on his tree now.
    If abortion had have been legal back in 1917..well I just might not be here today. Pretty scarey thought!
    I agree with your statements about valuing the animals more than our children.
    In our recent floods the penalty for looting was raised to 10 years. I couldn't help thinking how stealing stuff was deemed more important than robbing a child of life.
    God help us!

  8. Thank you for being such a powerful voice for the unborn ! I am glad that your family was completed. I am praying for other families to be complete and that women in crisis will decide to let their unborn children live to be adopted.Yes, I agree in pray will you that everyone in America will open their eyes and see the value of a baby born or unborn .

  9. powerful post Dayle...straight from your makes me think of that scripture that says we're going to call things good that aren't and vice versa.

  10. Dayle, the voices of the "unwanted unborn" cries out through your words. I believe Eunice Schriver had it right when she said abortion does not address the root of the problem. If a woman does not want a child there is no reason for her to concieve one. That is where the choice is made, not after the child is conceived. Yes, I believe every woman has the right to choose whether to conceive or not and every woman has access to information about how to and not how to conceive. I understand there are circumstances of rape and sexual abuse where conception cannot be chosen. In those cases careful prayer and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is warranted. Thank you for such a timely word. God bless you richly, Dr. Bobbi

  11. Great post today and great articles that you wrote for the paper. Thank you for posting.

  12. Dayle,
    What a blessing the articles and today's post are. They speak God's truth.

  13. Dayle:

    Thank you for sharing your heart in these articles. It was a sad day for our country when abortion was legalized. As someone else said, I have a newfound respect for Eunice Shriver.

    As someone who could not have children (although we didn't pursue adoption, partly due to my husband's diagnosis of cancer around that time), I often wonder why people who want children are unable and others who don't give a second thought to ending an unwanted pregnancy.

    I'm thankful your daughter has brought such joy in your life and for the birth mother who cared enough to allow her a chance at life.


  14. I have to agree with what your sister said. Thank-you so much for sharing these articles with us today.
    God Bless,

  15. I stand in agreement with the above posts.
    God bless you, Sister.

  16. Your post brought tears to my makes me shudder to think that so many women just throw away their babies. Thank you for your words...we all need to speak out for the unborn children.

  17. Such a sobering topic that we all should "re-think" about. Your artices are very touching.

  18. Dayle,
    I agree whole heartedly with your articles. Thank you for posting them for us to read.


  19. Wow, Dayle. Both of those articles are so powerful. It really is a sin - all those little lives that were snuffed out when so many waiting couples would have welcomed them with love the way you did your daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  20. I've always thought about all the people who desperately want a child and can't have one of their own, vs. the others thrown away. Great articles, and keep posting them!

  21. Dear Dayle - all I can say is 'Amen'. Our family grew out of the unselfish choices of two women who will always be remembered with love and gratitude. I never mety children's birth mothers but I know them through our children. They bore them and we raised them. What a gift!

  22. Since the publishing of the second article above, I have met my daughter's birth mother and I'm grateful for her every day of my life.

  23. Dayle, I've been following you now for almost two years and have never seen this post until now. I have never read anything on this matter any better. Of course I share your viewpoint so I guess that makes me partial but if there are those out there who aren't sure where they stand, it's my prayer that somehow, they could read these two articles. I am so glad that you were able to meet your daughter's birth mother. What a blessing that must have been for all of you! Thank you for sharing this again today.

  24. Thank you for sharing this wonderful repeat post. Oh, how these sentiments matter! You are right, you are right, Dayle! You have explained the heart of millions. I know they WILL make a difference.

    Appreciate you,

  25. I think what the society is missing is that we have been intricately created by God that they overlook the value of life. No child is an accident. Every child is a gift. It's sad that according to surveys, more babies are aborted compared to the number of people killed during Hitler's time. What's happening? We're losing grip of our origin I guess. Or we're losing our touch with our Creator.

    Thanks for sharing this, Dayle. So many people will disagree but you have made good points here. :)


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