Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friendships Far and Near ~ Simple Pleasures

Today, I celebrate the simple pleasure of friendship, and that includes all of you. Whether you come here each week, or just pop in whenever you can, your appearance has a way of brightening my day and making me smile. 

Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you, and I care what happens to you. And I like to think you feel the same way about me. The way I see it, we're all very much alike, for we all have dreams and hopes. We experience happy occasions, and those times when our world just falls apart. But whether we're in the midst of the ordinary, or something much more perplexing, it's comforting to know there's a community of bloggers who take time to reach across the miles, and, in just a sentence or two, lift the load and the spirits of mere strangers ... and, yet, we aren't strangers at all. 

That's the nice thing about kindred spirits. They connect in ways that only hearts can. So, thank you for being out there in cyberspace, and for walking alongside of me. My journey is easier because of you.

Do you have special people in your life who make your journey a bit easier? Whatever simple pleasure you've discovered this week, you know I want to know about it. If you’re here for the first time, please click on the Simple Pleasures tab above for important information before linking up.


What's your simple pleasure this week?


  1. You words are filled with truth and sweetness.
    I feel the sameway about Bloggers.
    Yes, you are a Kindered Spirit.
    I am so thankful that you came up with the idea of sharing our simple pleasures. I look forward to reading every post.
    Thank You!

  2. Oh friends! I am blessed beyond belief in my friendships and I literally thank God every day for the people He has put in my life.

  3. Dayle,
    What a wonderful post! I feel the same way, and have been blessed by you and your sister Gayle and other bloggers I have met here!

  4. Thank you for such sweet words Dayle. I am so blessed too, having met so many wonderful people here in blogland.

  5. Dayle,
    I have to agree with Jen I, too, am so blessed by the friends God has put in my life. And thank you Dayle, it is always so good to come here and be part of Simple Pleasures.


  6. Yes,thankyou for opening this opportunity to me. I am thankful too to my daughter who showed me and showed me how to do it. I have read and learnt much from others.

  7. Thank you dear Dayle! What a beautiful post!
    I too, treasure the friends I have - and many I've met in the past 6 months through blogging.
    I praise God for the way He uses their words and friendship to bless me and make my days brighter!
    I praise Him for YOU!
    love in Jesus..Trish

  8. Dayle:

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. I feel the same about you and many of the bloggers I've "met" through the internet.

    I've felt such love, especially the last few weeks, as people are praying for my husband's job situation. I'm very blessed to be a part of this blogging community.


  9. That's a lovely simple pleasure. I too, have made some really lovely friends via the internet.
    A lovely photo as well!

  10. Hi Dayle: I definitely agree with you that our blogland friendships are gifts, indeed. It's so amazing that people who we have never met become so close to us! I feel like I have many, many sisters! It's wonderful. And that includes, you, sis! Susan

  11. So, so true. God has expanded our borders with the blog sphere....showing us people all over the world, giving us even a greater sense of eternity with each other. Thanks for hosting simple pleasures.

  12. I feel so much the same many awesome people online that I've connected with. And I'm really grateful for you....for your willingness to host simple pleasures...Thanks for being you Dayle....have a great thursday....

  13. Funny that you mention this. I had very similar thoughts this week. I was driving along and thinking of two particular bloggers who recently lost their moms. I had such a warm feeling of fondness for these two women whom I'll likely never met.

    It amazes me how you can feel such a kinship with those who share their words and pictures and hearts through blogging.

    Scoot over Dayle, I'm joining your simple pleasure this week.

  14. Dayle, I like the photo and your sentiments are so VERY true. The blogging friendship is unique and definitely treasured ♥

  15. That is so true. My husband is a bit perplexed and sometimes alarmed at the closeness of blogging buddies. But sometimes that sentence or two is just what I needed to see the end of a long, hard day or week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I just couldn't agree more...My blogging buddies make my heart smile sooo big! Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  17. Your window scene is beautiful, Dayle! Little things like that are so special. I agree with you about blogging 'friends.' The connections are special.

  18. This is a beautiful post!! I feel the same way about my blogging friends, and I've really missed them as I've taken some much-needed time away from the computer.

    People that encourage us and brighten our days are truly gifts from God.

    Have a wonderful, abundantly blessed day.


  19. A lovely post, Dayle, beautifully put. I think it's a sentiment shared by us all here in blogland. Thoughtful comments make me smile for certain and gladden my day. A beautiful photo too, Kathleen.

  20. Dayle, thank you so much for being such a "friend" and creating Simple Pleasures Thursday! It is truly a pleasure to participate!

  21. My best friend is such a pleasure. My life would not have been the same over these past twenty years without her.

  22. You have no idea just how much I enjoy your "simple pleasure" segment each Thursday. Today's post is so beautifully written and so true. I consider friendships one of God's greatest gifts in my life, the real life ones and the blogging ones. Your post gave me a simple pleasure on this cold, rainy afternoon.


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