Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures ~ Lunch Under the Gazebo

Are you so busy you fail to notice the simple pleasures around you? It might be the smell of freshly mown grass, the sun on your face, or the giggles of a child. Not to sound cliche, but life is short, and we often spend too much time in the worry and hurry mode, while missing out on some of life's greatest blessings. It was Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote, "It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."

After a morning of yard work, it was a pleasure to prepare a light lunch and enjoy it with The Man under the backyard gazebo. It's my simple pleasure this week, and if I mention those $1.00 tea glasses from the dollar store, that'd make it a triple simple pleasure ... lunch, gazebo, cute tea glasses. Why not? 

As always, thank you for slowing down with me on Thursdays, taking time to appreciate the simple pleasures that surround us. Whether you link up, or just visit, you are a blessing. If you're new here, please read the guidelines at the Simple Pleasures tab under the header above. If you check back and discover your link has been deleted, it isn't personal. Please re-read the guidelines.

 I look forward to visiting with you.


  1. I love to eat outside -- that is truly one of my simple pleasures. Love the cute glasses!

  2. And the lunch looks healthy. Another pleasure, perhaps?

  3. What a most earned Simple Pleasure and it looks so inviting too

  4. What a wonderful Simple Pleasure! I love to lunch alfresco. And your tea glasses are adorable. :) I am linking for the first time from my new blog:
    Stop by if you have a moment to visit. :)

  5. Lovely, peaceful and full of happy, is what I see there. :)

  6. Great Simple Pleasure, Dayle. The lunch looks yummy and refreshing. Good deal on the glasses, too! Susan

  7. Love your Simple Pleasure! Lunch with your best-est friend!

  8. Dayle,
    Great tea glasses! I think lunch outside always tastes better. Looks yummy, too!


  9. Hmmm that is really a good thought
    As I find I'm usually caught
    Going around in circles never stopping to enjoy
    Anything much like a simple toy
    Yeah needed that to rhyme
    But that's not a crime
    Christine sent me your way
    So I thought I'd stop and play
    Now my rhyming is through
    And I bit you adieu

  10. Would you please come prepare lunch for me someday? I'd make the iced tea. That looks delicious.

  11. Lovely to find your post! That is a pleasure today!

  12. Dayle, it all looks so lovely and relaxing!
    What a nice treat :-)
    blessings to you..Trish

  13. Hi Dayle :) Weather is looking beautiful in your corner of the world. We finally are seeing a bit of blue sky and sunsh8ine today after days of drear and dust. And since we are on Spring Break, I have time to play, breathe, think and plan. Have a terrific day! Tammy

  14. you make me jealous Dayle...for the weather to turn...for the days to get outside in the back and enjoy your simple pleasure....glad you got to enjoy it and those glasses....only $1????

  15. Dayle,
    I have recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed your lovely and thoughtful posts.
    Simple pleasures are truly the simple joys...both may seem small and insignificant but the whole picture is such a beautiful painting!
    Thank you for sharing...I have passed your blog along to others and am looking for your books.

  16. Oh I agree...being outside, eating outside and a nice glass of Ice Tea! A wonderful simple pleasure that comes with spring.

  17. looks wonderful, Dayle!!

  18. Hi Dayle, what a wonderful simple pleasure. And those $1.00 glasses are sooooooooooo cute. Makes the meal that much better.

    Looks beautiful.


  19. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a lunch on the porch, surrounded by beautiful trees and grass! It snowed here again last night. Spring is out there somewhere and hopefully a warm summer will make us forget this long winter.

  20. LOVE those tea glasses! What a treasure to have nice weather and the opportunity to eat outside. I have my simple pleasure ready and raring to my head. ;) Hasn't made it onto the blog yet. It might not the way this day is going! Thanks, as always, for hosting. And if I don't link up later this week - I'll be back next week!

  21. Thou shalt not covet thy blog friend's gazebo. I've always loved them. We rented one for my wedding reception in fact, since I think they are so romantic.

    They rank right up there with covered bridges, foot bridges, and lawn swings.

    I like your simple pleasure.

    I had one posted and then the nagging in my head made me change my mind. So, I'm late... I'm late... I'm late...

  22. Oh, Dayle - that looks delicious! Now I am craving some tea! Maybe once the littles are in bed...

  23. I love your lemon glasses. We have a set [also from the dollar store] and we have given them several times as shower/hostess gifts with a glass pitcher and the "makings" for lemonaid. I find them quite charming. I still saw them just last night at the Dollar Store in Venice FL where we are visiting my sister.

  24. What a lovely looking outside lunch! Soon we will be able to do that again here...any food tastes better on the deck!

  25. LOVE the glasses, will have to run to the $ store!!!! Lunch outside with MY man is fabulous! Especially after yeard work! We will be getting the deck furniture out tomorrow! XO, Pinky


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