Friday, June 3, 2011

A Place for the Quilts

For years now, I've wanted a hutch of some kind to display my antique quilts in. I wanted a place where I could enjoy them every single day, a place where guests could enjoy them, as well. While I keep a couple out in my guest room, the rest of them languished in a dark closet until their time to be on display arrived.

When I spied this tiger oak hutch in an antique gallery, my heart beat a little faster. I was already in the process of a family room make-over, and I could visualize this fitting in perfectly with my plan. Its original purpose was a bookcase, but I knew I could make it work ... if only The Man was willing. (hehe)

The discussion about the bookcase continued for a few days, and into a few nights.

Eventually, it came home with me. I told The Man it could be for my anniversary, birthday, and, quite possibly, Christmas. :)

If you love antiques, as I do, it's truly magnificent, with the beveled glass doors. (Not sure why I didn't open the bottom doors, but that's wonderful storage room down there.)

Once the dust settled from the family room make-over (literally), I filled the hutch with some (alas, it can't hold them all) of the old family quilts that make up my collection.

And I smiled every time I walked past it, when I could stop staring at it long enough to walk past it, that is. I'm officially in love.

On top is an old cookie jar, handed down from my great-grandmother (I will fill it with spools of thread or empty spools or something, one of these days). The old radio was purchased at a remnant store in McComb, Mississippi, and it works like a charm.

In case you wonder if I use my old quilts, the answer is "yes." I'm respectful of their age, but I do use them on occasion. I also have new quilts that I use and enjoy.

The photos I placed in the hutch are the faces of my ancestors who are primarily responsible for the quilts you see here, except for the two “friendship” quilts. (More about them later.)

That's my paternal grandmother.
She made two of the quilts in my collection, including this vibrant one.

That's my great-grandmother, feeding the chickens.
She is responsible for three quilts in my collection; the one seen here,
the one hung on the hutch door,
and one not shown here that is draped across my guest bed.

That's another great-grandmother. She made the oldest quilt in my collection
(the top one on this shelf).
The old Alice in Wonderland book belonged to my mother.

The two quilts pictured above are my "friendship" quilts, given to our family from two separate churches my dad pastored in Mississippi in the 60's. One quilt comes from Meridian, the other one from Vicksburg. I have enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) these quilts.

To read more about my quilt collection, and to see more pics, you can click on this link and find several posts on "quilts."


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  1. Wow! I don't think you could have found anything more perfect! The hutch itself is lovely but filled with your treasured quilts it not only keeps them on display for your enjoyment but looks fabulous! Your photos and your family room could be in a magazine!

  2. What a perfect viewing spot. Practical and functional board but above all beautiful! With many beautiful quilts you have! Is it inherited or have you made ​​any yourself? My brother has a beautiful quilt that my grandmother made​​. What I have is more hand-crocheted bedspread. They are beautiful Ochs. Maybe I will pick them fam that you made​​? Wishing you a very nice weekend! Zinnia

  3. is beautiful! I certainly smile looking at it through blogland! What a treasure it holds...and is! Enjoy!

  4. Love it! You did good, girl!
    If those are chickens in the picture of your great-grandmother then I have a picture similar to that of my great-grandmother.

  5. Oh, my goodness, it's gorgeous! I love how you have them displayed, along with the photos of those who made them. I have some old quilts I would like to do the same with one day.

  6. This is beautiful. Storage and beauty in one piece...don't blame you for enjoying it!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  7. I love the cabinet, Dayle. It can't be any more perfect than that for your quilts! And I love your collection. They are all so beautiful...Christine

  8. Your quilts really make the cabinet come alive! You've arranged it beautifully. Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out my sign.

  9. That's a wonderful way to honour and remember your ancestors. The quilts look like they belong there and I love how you have displayed the appropriate photos and memorabilia with the quilts.

    If they will receive any direct sunlight you should think of covering the glass during those hours to prevent damage to the quilts.

  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this. The cabinet, the quilts, the pictures, the memories, the history....just the whole idea. What a wonderful collection you have, and the perfect way to display it. I can see why you had to have it. ENJOY...have a good week-end! HUGS, Debbie

  11. Thanks, sweet blog friends. I'm delighted you like the quilt hutch. As for any direct sunlight, as was mentioned by someone, I made sure they don't get any in this particular spot. The morning sun comes through the big bay window, on an angle from the right. It hits the tops of the plants for a few minutes, and doesn't touch the quilts at all. We'll see what happens in the fall.

  12. Love this idea! i have several quilts from my great grandma and grandma having them out all the time would be so fun!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon - I loved that chair too! I'm kicking myself for not buying it! I wanted to let you know how much I love the hutch you got. It looks perfect with all of the family heirlooms styled inside! Wonderful job!!

  14. I love this! Everything about it speaks home and love and family. The bones of the hutch are pretty on their own (love that paned glass)but just wonderful all dressed up in quilts.

  15. Dayle - you are so creative! I love the idea of using the hutch to display your quilts. Love the quilts, also.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  16. This is perfect, Dayle. You did a wonderful job.

  17. A place of honor for each quilt and pictures to represent the hands that created them.
    You have made the grands very happy!

  18. Hi Dayle! What an incredible piece you found for so proudly displaying your treasures! :-) All of those quilts are made more beautiful by the memories that come with them and we are so glad you shared this with us at Inspiration Friday this week and hope to see lots more of you in the future!

  19. This piece is perfect for your quilts and the way you displayed them is lovely! Love it!

  20. What a lovely way to display your beautiful quilts and precious memories.
    donna v.

  21. Hello, I come to via another friends blog.. I am co~author of and I enjoyed browsing your blog and wanted to introduce ourselves.. Heart of the Home is a womens ministry reaching out to women with encouragement from Gods word and his design for women as wives, mothers, friends and etc.. Hope you will get a chance to stop by and visit us, and that we can become Blogging Buddies.. Have a great weekend.. God Bless

  22. Dayle, I'm in love too, with that hutch. It's absolutely the right piece to showcase your quilts. The way you have the quilts and pictures displayed is delightful. Thanks for sharing that wonderful post.

  23. Those who know me well know how very much I adore quilts. I've made quite a few myself. Never had any handed down. You are so fortunate. Your collection is without a doubt a true work (works) of art. If I were you I wouldn't trade a million bucks for that!

  24. I love this piece for showcasing your gorgeous quilts !! And, how special that you have your family member's picture beside a quilt that they made years and years ago. So sentimental and lovely. *Becca* (your newest follower)

  25. What a wonderful solution! And I love all of those quilts. How awesome it must be to have something so beautiful and also so full of history.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I appreciate it!

  26. What a beautiful piece you found . . . and a cozy home for your beautiful quilts. I love how it brightens that corner of your home.


  27. I absolutely love this, Dayle. It's perfect. A lovely piece of furniture made stunning by the addition of your quilts and other treasures. What a wonderful sight to get to see every day.

  28. That antique bookcase is beautiful. I love antiques. And I love it with your quilts in it. I stared for a long time trying to pick my favorite one, but alas-I couldn't decide:) I like them all.

  29. Dayle,
    Here I am again and I'm hoping the sixth time is the charm. :) My daughter said another blogger said to uncheck the "keep me signed in" box and it would fix the problem. So here goes.
    Ever since I learned how to do simple quilting projects I have come to love and appreciate quilts. Your collection is just amazing and looks so wonderful in your beautiful new hutch. Your many old photos and books just add to the beauty of it all.


  30. That is the prettiest thing I've seen in a long time! All your favorite quilts all lined up for you to look at whenever you want! Why keep them boxed and locked away somewhere ...bust em out where you can see and feel them. Who might even want to snuggle up with one! The photos and momentos make it even more meaningful! LOVE IT!

  31. I am green with envy! I know that I should not covet, but I am still growing... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  32. Oh wow! I love your quilts, your precious photos of the ladies who made the quilts and last but definitely not least, your new cabinet. It couldn't be more perfect. It looks like it's always been standing there showing off your heirlooms. This is the kind of thing I love to read in blogland.

  33. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    Absolutely perfect place for those treasures.

  34. Dayle,
    The hutch is stunning. The quilts are glorious.
    And please don't discontinue Simple Pleasures!


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