Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simple Pleasures ~ Breaking for Ice Cream

Welcome back to Simple Pleasures! Although I didn't take a very long break, I still missed our weekly party and I'm delighted to be back. Thanks for all of your comments during my time away; your kindness is appreciated. 

After The Man and I left the island (see previous post for details), we decided to return home via one of our favorite Texas getaway cities, the lovely San Antonio. Here we are, pausing along the charming River Walk, taking an ice cream break. It was one of the best parts of a very hot day, and absolutely a simple pleasure. In case you're wondering, who had what, The Man tried Mexican chocolate, while I had a cup of "lime in a coconut" gelato. Divine!

Are you enjoying your summer? I have a confession. Summertime is my least favorite season. The heat and humidity can get overwhelming (not to mention unending) here in Southeast Texas, but for many people, summer is something they look forward to every year.

If summer is your favorite season (or even if it isn't), I thought it would be a fun twist to share summer pleasures here during the next few weeks. If you want to play along, that would be lovely. If not, that's OK, too. Whatever floats your boat, as long as you share a pure simple pleasures.

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What's your simple/summertime pleasure?


  1. Welcome back, Dayle. So happy you had a nice break but also so happy that your Simple Pleasures party is back!

    It's so funny you shared that you had gelato. Pistachio gelato is a new discovery for me and a post on it is coming up soon. Susan

  2. Love, love, LOVE ice cream. Both flavors sound delightful.

  3. Welcome back, Dayle!
    Hope you are well relaxed and refreshed now.
    Your ice-cream break sounds delicious.
    I love coconut myself!
    It's still winter Down Under..but next week I'll try for a more summer related post.
    Don't want to miss out on the fun lol!
    Thanks for the joy of Simple Pleasures, Dayle.

  4. Oops, I don't know if my first comment took :(

    Welcome back in any case :)

    My favorite season...Spring and Fall.


  5. Hey...welcome back...those ice cream names....very cool....lime in a coconut..sounds great. Dayle...I love summertime. Maybe it's b/c we live in the north and winter gets so cold here. Have a great week....I hope it doesn't get too humid.

  6. Dear Dayle,
    Welcome back and keep enjoying your summer.
    Alas, my favourite is Winter and Autumn and while you are enjoying your icecreams we are into comfort food here, but I wouldn't say no to icecream anyway

  7. You need to try summer northwest style! Believe it or not, I turned the gas "wood" stove on this morning as the house was 60 degrees without air-conditioning! Beautiful flowers, cool breezes, and often a sweater are what we see in the summertime here.

  8. I want to play! But I think it will have to be next week.
    I plan on visiting though!

  9. Welcome back! It's good to be here. I will start with a confession. I'm late for a very BAD reason. I got caught up watching "that" trial on TV.

    Hanging head...

    I love your simple pleasure although I would be much more likely to have the Mexican Chocolate like that man of yours. Two thumbs up for his choice.

    (Of course, I now have a certain song stuck in my brain, too. "... and call the doc-TAH!")

    Summer is my LEAST favorite too, but I can find pleasure in the season if I look. Thanks for making me look.

  10. Glad to see your smiling face back for your simple pleasures party. Ice cream yummmy

  11. Whew! So happy to have a break and join the party in time!

    I had to smile at your "confession", Dayle ... I am 100% in agreement re. summer. Thanks for helping make these long HOTTTTT days a bit nicer!

  12. Summer is Southern California has almost no humidity. It is nice after living in places with high humidity!

  13. Thanks for being able to share again. I loved your photo and the pleasure you were sharing together. Mave

  14. Dayle,
    I like the idea of Summer Pleasures. Thanks for hosting it for us. I have been busy with family visiting the shore but I'll be joining you again next week. Ice cream is one of my very favorite Summer Pleasures too!


  15. Oh wow .... lime and coconut!!! Yummy. A lovely simple pleasure for a hot day.

  16. Oh, and I didn't make it here in time to link up - so I'll have to wait till next week. However, our simple pleasure (in addition to these amazing missionary interviews I've been doing!) is all frozen treats - ice cream like you mentioned - and especially popsicles. From our 13yo all the way down - Even my 2yo asks for "pocksles" when she wakes up from her nap.

    With our first summer in TX, we have a new appreciation for all things frozen. : ) Welcome Back!


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