Monday, August 29, 2011

Los Angeles : Any suggestions?

The retirees have been in the Los Angeles area since Friday. This pic was taken at Santa Monica Pier over the weekend. The pier is to the left, but I preferred the mountains, personally. :)

We've already seen and done a number of fabulous things, including visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library today, which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and our to-do list is packed with other things we hope to squeeze in before we leave. But if you have any suggestions, or must-see-must-eat-at-places, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Until next time, Lord willing.


  1. My parents visited that area, but all I can remember that is that they, too, went to the Reagan Museum and loved it.

    Glad you are having fun!

  2. The Grove in L.A. is wonderful if you haven't already been there. It's attached to the most amazing Farmers Market with tons and tons of little eating booth's. Good shopping too:)

  3. Enjoy your trip, Dayle, I would love to visit the west coast sometime, and visit the Ronald Reagan Library. He was my all time favorite President.
    Enjoy some wonderful "Simple Pleasures" while there and please share.

  4. Sue, we visited The Reagan Library yesterday. It will go down as the highlight of our trip. Amazing place! Definitely worth the trip! And I was one of quite a few folks who could be found wiping away tears. I miss him.

  5. Hi, Dayle. When our son goes to a Dodger game he likes to take his family to Phillipe's Restaurant. It's downtown near Chinatown. (Google it) I understand they make an awesome French dip sandwich! I hope you are still in the area.

  6. Now when you watch the Republican debate on Wednesday you can picture the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library or maybe you'll stay in LA and attend it??


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