Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Home Away from Home : A Tour

Today, I thought you might enjoy taking a tour of our home way from home, since we are currently on the road. After The Man retired, we upgraded our RV and began fulfilling a lifelong dream. (You can read more about that here). 

We named our motorhome Cloud Nine, as we feel on cloud nine whenever we hop aboard. Only family and a few friends have ever seen inside Cloud Nine. That’s not intentional, but when we aren’t on the road we keep it in storage, which makes it difficult for anyone to see it.

So … I hope you will enjoy seeing inside our home away from home. As I say often, we feel very blessed and thank God daily for this opportunity. We may sell Cloud Nine in the next year or so, as we have been to most of the places we set out to visit since buying it in 2009. Until then, we are grateful to have a comfortable way to travel and we never take it for granted.

Now …. let’s get this tour started. Y'all step on up and come on in! Welcome to Cloud Nine!

This is an overview of the living/kitchen area. It's just too bad it doesn't stay all pretty like this whenever we're parked, but it surely doesn't. Life gets in the way, don't you know. :) The sofa on the left makes a full bed and the one on the right is a single pull-out bed. The dinette will fold down, as well.

There are plenty of cabinets throughout Cloud Nine for storage, and a bit of extra counter space pulls out from under the kitchen counter on the left. Although we don't cook much in Cloud Nine, it has a gas stove-top, a microwave/convection oven, as well as a regular oven.

My double-sink has a window view and a wonderful pull-out faucet with a sprayer.

Most of my time on the computer is done at the kitchen table.

Diesel is never far away.

One of my favorite things in the kitchen is the double-door refrigerator/freezer. It has an ice-maker and lots of space to hold all of the stuff we don't need to eat ... like ice-cream, for example.

Moving on to our teeny-tiny bathroom. Let me digress and say that whenever you buy an RV, you seldom get everything you want. We traded off a larger bathroom for a king-sized bed. In the long-run, it was worth it.

There is a shower that is just big enough to get in and turn around.
I really, really, REALLY miss my bathtub whenever we're on the road.

This is the door to the throne room.

Just take my word for it.

Across from the shower is a linen closet. It holds towels and bath cloths, as well as my iron and small electronics like hair dryers and curling irons. :) On a side note, whenever I purchased the towels, my objective was to buy the colors of the sea--green, blue, and tan--since the sea is probably my favorite destination.

Just below the linen closet is a dual washer/dryer unit. I have used it twice and can I just say that I hate it? I know other RVers who love theirs, but this one makes a lot of noise and ends up having an icky smell afterwards. I've heard this can be a problem with these units. As for me and The Man, we'd much rather go to the campground's laundry facilities than to use our own. It's almost a field trip for us, so that makes it a bit of an adventure.

Come on into our bedroom. I didn't photograph the bed, as I didn't have my fancy pillows out, but it's wall-to-wall bed in here. The cabinets above the bed are very handy for shoes and extra blankets.

In the bedroom, there is a little vanity area where I usually keep a clock and a few photos of loved ones around. I also can bring my laptop in here and do a bit of blogging. I enjoy having a window here.

Above the vanity is a small television.
On each side of the vanity are the closets.

One for me.

One for The Man.

Below the vanity area is a bank of drawers.
Can you ever have too many drawers?

Any idea what you're looking at here? That, ladies and gentleman, is storage space located under the bed. The mattress sits on a platform that raises up and--voila! Now you can see where the fancy pillows are kept. (hehe) There's also a game table under here, a telescope for star-gazing, a couple of TV trays and and an extra chair that is not shown here. The little butterfly box holds an assortment of items, such as books and stamps, writing instruments and notepads, my address book, etc.

Well, that concludes the tour. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you ever see us on the road, give us a honk. We promise to wave.

You can read about our camping evolution (starting with a borrowed camper) here.


  1. Wow! What a way to travel. It a wonderful home on the go.

  2. You have a beautiful home away from home! How fun to travel like you do!

  3. Very luxurious and well designed. It must be a real treat to travel this way.

  4. Beautiful! I used to dream of something like that it faded away as we have chosen to live simply and become full-time volunteer in a charity foundation. But it's so good to see other people enjoying God's blessing in a different way. Loved every corner of your home away from home.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the tour.

  5. Dayle, I have seen these RV while travelling in USA, but did not realise how comfy they are inside, wow how nice is that to be able to travel in such comfort. My hubby and I discussed buying an old VW van and doing it up as a camper van, but now I think an RV would be a better idea, oh, but it would never fit on some of our country roads here, they are too narrow so maybe a VW would be a wiser option.

  6. Looks like a fantastic way to travel and see all of those special places your heart takes you! You sure do have every thing you need to be comfy and cozy! And I think I would really enjoy the kitchen area. :)

    Thank you for sharing Cloud Nine!

  7. That's a gorgeous RV. I love that your dog goes with you. Thanks for sharing that.

  8. I love that form of travel, thanks for sharing your photos

  9. Thanks for the tour! I love peeking (with permission) into other people's

  10. Dayle,
    You and your Man are truly blessed to be able to realize your retirement dreams in such a beautiful way. Thanks for the tour...I knew it would be wonderful but it has exceeded my expectations. Enjoy!


  11. It's so luxurious! I think I could live in there.

  12. Here are some quotes that reminded me of you two! What a great way to travel.

    “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

    “The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot

  13. That is one gorgeous motorhome. I love how big it is with the slide out. Like a house on wheels for sure.

  14. I just love it! I would have gone for the big old bed instead of the big bathroom, too. I can't believe you even have a washer in there. I do understand why you wouldn't want to use it.

    And I also noticed that you even keep houseplants in there. I have a hard enough time keeping them alive in my house.

    I love this and am so glad you gave us the tour.

  15. No wonder you love traveling in this 5 star motor-home. All {well, most of} the comforts of home. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. Love your home away from home. It's been fun sharing your trip!

  17. You had me at "camper!" I came over from Seaside Simplicity and decided to stay. I'm your newest follower. Lots of good reading here. :-)


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