Friday, August 26, 2011

Postcards from the Road ~ Remembering San Francisco

We don't normally take guided tours in our travels, but we took a guided tour of San Francisco during our recent visit, and it was a good decision. We had a great tour guide, born and raised there, with a head full of information.

The Golden Gate Bridge was our first stop. We stopped at the bridge again, from a different perspective, on our way back. That is where I shot the best images, as you will see later on.

We stopped at Fisherman's Wharf for lunch.

We ate at Boudin's and had a wonderful bread bowl filled with clam chowder.

After lunch, we strolled along the wharf. Here's The Man, looking out at Alcatraz. Tours for Alcatraz were sold out until after our departure date. It's a very popular tourist attraction.

Riding the trolley was a treat. Hop aboard!

Getting around in San Francisco can be challenging, but the views are spectacular.

This is the home where the movie, "Mrs. Doubtfire" was filmed. Usually, movie producers film exterior shots, then move to a Hollywood set for interior shots, but this movie's exterior and interior shots were done at this house, and in the movie where Sally Field gives out the address, that is the real address: 2640 Steiner Street. The trees surrounding the house were edited out in the movie. You learn all sorts of things on city tours. :)

Here we are in China .... well, almost.

The sign says it all. Chinatown. Rich history here.

This is one of the elite neighborhoods of the rich and famous of San Francisco.
These are all single-family homes. Unbelievable!

Nancy Pelosi lives in this neighborhood but the tour guide couldn't drive by the address, as it's a red zone, due to the protesters who gather outside her abode.

The houses in this neighborhood go for $32 million and upwards. The J. Paul Getty family owns a home here, which lets you know the kind of wealth we're talking about.

I'm glad my riches are stored in heavenly places.

The views are pretty spectacular, wouldn't you say?

The fabulous Golden Gate Bridge.

If you don't know the history of this bridge (I didn't), you must research it.

Most interesting. 

I couldn't resist taking dozens of shots, but I'll spare you and post only two. :)

I did not take this photo, but these are the "painted ladies," and are the most photographed homes in San Francisco. The tour drove by the houses, but didn't stop, which is why I had to "borrow" this photo. Another thing I learned on the tour was that an old city law in San Francisco is still in effect today: Houses must be at least one inch apart. And, believe me, we drove by places where they were pushing it. Whoa!

This was our campsite at the beautiful KOA in Petaluma, CA. We spent eleven days here. We don't normally stay this long in one place, but we had our reasons. It is a lovely park.

The Man celebrated his birthday here.

Some days were spent in slow motion.

Diesel, especially, enjoyed such days.

Afternoon naps are essential.

And a campfire is the perfect ending to a slow day.

Other days were spent in high gear. Like the day we took a water taxi from Larkspur Landing and rode to AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. It was about an hour ride.

The girl, looking all sporty ... or not.

We came this close to Charles Manson on our trip to the ballgame. A bit spooky, huh? That is San Quentin Prison.

An amazing sight to see in San Francisco is the rolling in of the fog. Because the wind was whipping up, they closed the outside door for awhile, but I took this through the window. The fog literally rolls in like a wave.

You could see the Golden Gate towers above the fog ... but just barely.

At one point, I turned and caught this lovely scene.

Approaching AT&T Park. It sits right on the bay.

The Man wore his orange shirt in support of the home team, but, alas, they lost.

The amazing view from our seats.

McCovey Cove is the unofficial name of the area of San Francisco Bay beyond the right field wall of AT&T Park, coined after famed Giants first baseman Willie McCovey.

As the sun slipped lower, the buildings on distant hills sparkled like gold in its reflection.

Capturing the Blue Hour at AT&T Park (

On game days, fans come out in boats and even in kayaks, often with fishing nets in the hope of collecting a home run ball. The ballpark keeps a running total of "splash hits."

Our taxi awaits us.

Goodbye, San Francisco. Often called The City by the Bay, San Francisco is one-of-a-kind. It was my first visit and I enjoyed it immensely. Unlike crooner, Tony Bennett, I didn't leave my heart there, but it is a special place.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. See you next time, Lord willing.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who linked up to Simple Pleasures this week. I would have been by to see you before now, but we've been on the road a lot. We are now parked for a few days, so I plan to mingle this weekend. Speaking of weekends, I hope yours is blessed in every way!


  1. I love San Francisco!
    I left my heart there (hee hee)

    That baseball stadium is my favorite because of the water.

    How's your back?

  2. Awh, Dayle, the minute I saw your post come up on my sidebar blogroll, I couldn't wait to come over. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities I've visited in the US. My husband and I went when we were practically newlyweds back in 1987. We went for a few days to San Fran, then Yosemite Park, drove down the Pacific coast through Pebble Beach, Santa Barbara, to LA to visit family, then hopped on a plane to three islands in Hawaii. To this day, my favorite from that trip, except for Maui, was San Francisco. Did you guys eat at Sears Fine Food? It's a traditional thing to do there. We had the most AMAZING corn beef hash for breakfast at that place.

    Oh my, as you can see, I could go on forever about that visit. Let's see, we were married only two years and I was almost 24...babies. Sigh...

    Thanks for the memories. I'm taking it easy today and now I can daydream a little more specifically. ;)

  3. By the way, your pictures are spectacular. You're always so pretty in every picture. Glad you guys are enjoying your travels. Live on!!

  4. Hi Dayle! I loved all the photos and your explanations, etc. San Francisco is a truly beautiful city. Some day I may be able to see it, too. When you mentioned Petaluma, I immediately thought of Susan Bono, the editor of Tiny Lights. Do you know of her? She lives in that area and I'd love to meet her in person, someday, too! Oh, I especially loved the pics of Diesel! :)

  5. This is SO enjoyable! ...
    Bet you'd make a pretty great tour guide, too! Love your out-of-the ordinary references - for instance, Charles Manson - shiver!

  6. Thank you for the lovely guided tour. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your time away.

  7. Lovely post. Your pictures looked like postcard views - amazing housing - but, I agree with you - it is wonderful to know our treasure and most importantly our LORD is in Heaven - nothing can compare. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip!
    God Bless,

  8. I've never been to any part of California. San Francisco looks beautiful and it certainly seems like you two are having a fabulous time. My husband should be a tour guide -- his head is full of all kinds of information and wherever we go in the world, he always has something to share about our surroundings. My brain just doesn't function that way. Enjoy your travels. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Oh my Goodness, Dayle, your photos are spectacular especially the two of the Golden Gate Bridge and, oh yes, the fog rolling in over the bay. I have never been to San Francisco but your photos have given me a great idea of its beauty. Enjoy and stay safe.


  10. A great post & great pictures. I enjoyed, from across the Pond, a trip around San Francisco.

  11. I think taking a tour was a great idea. When the kids were young we took a cross country trip. They always complained about the tours and ranger talks but in the end those are the things they remembered most. Great photos - thanks for sharing.

  12. I have wonderful memories of visiting my sister in San Francisco several years ago when she lived there. I was not married, no kids and in between jobs, so I had the luxury of spending 3 whole weeks there. It was bliss -- what a spectacular city! Looks like you had a wonderful trip...

  13. Dayle - these are beautiful photos. So glad you and The Man are having a good time. (Diesel too!)


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