Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scrapbooking ~ A few pages revealed

Since several of you asked me to share some of my scrapbook pages, I'm going to do just that. I'm not as far along as I'd hoped to be by now, but at least I'm not as far behind as I was. LOL!

We've still got several more weeks on the road, so the plan is to set up scrapbook shop again and at least finish up 2010. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed.

I'm only sharing a few pages with you. No need to be boring. Please keep in mind that I don't consider myself a great scrapbooker ... just middle-of-the-road. 


Hey! What are you doing tomorrow? If you have time, I'd love you to link up to my Simple Pleasures party. Go ahead ... make my day!


  1. Those are great! I miss scrapbooking - I use to enjoy it, but haven't found the time to do it since my youngest was born. I still love going through the old books. (I may try to link up w/ you Thurs if I can finish a post! :)

  2. Oh I must admit...I am probably the only one who has yet to Scrapbook anything...I do by scrapbook things but I use them for other small craft projects...I think I am afraid I will get ADDICTED... : ) Looking forward to Simple Pleasures...Last week was my fist time joining...

  3. Fabulous scrapbooking! I love to scrapbook just wish I could carve out more time. I'm happy if I get four pages done a year!

    Blessings friend. Hope you are well!


  4. LOVE your scrap book! Treasured shots of cherished people and places and moments! It is so special!

  5. Look what the Great Outdoors can do for creativity!
    That is a lot of work and it turned out so well.
    If you run out of pictures, I have plenty.

  6. I'm impressed! I did one for my husband's 40th and realized scrapbooking is VERY hard work. I haven't done it since.

    BTW, My computer has been hit and miss lately but I hope to join the simple pleasures party again soon.

  7. I did a wonderful scrapbook for my grandson about two years ago. He had started playing T-ball at 4 and was then 7 and they had just won the local little league title. It turned out better than I expected and was such fun. However, I cannot seem to start another one. Yours is amazing! Great job. Blessings,


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