Monday, September 19, 2011

The Simple Pleasures Series ~ Time to go

After much thought and contemplation (yes, contemplation), I have decided that the time has come to end the Simple Pleasures series. (sad face inserted here) I didn't have a vision, or anything grand, but sometimes, you just know these things.

I cannot express how much your participation has meant to me during the last 14 months of us meeting on Thursdays to share the simple pleasures in our lives. You have added an extra spark each week, and for that I remain grateful.

It is my hope that one of you will start your own Simple Pleasures party, because I would surely enjoy showing up from time to time. If you do, please email me and let me know when and where.

Thanks again for sharing part of yourself with me. I do hope our paths continue to cross in blogland.

Until next time ... slow down and keep looking for simple pleasures along the way. You're sure to find them.


  1. I respect that. It's your blog and you know the "feel" you want it to have.

    I recently purged my own blog of more than 50% of its original posts. Why? While reading another blogger's blog tips, I felt challenged: "Blog what you love." When I went back to read some of my posts, I realized that many of them I did not love. I took serious inventory and did some deep cleaning.

    ACOTAT is a new blog for me and I liked the Simple Pleasures series so much, I even prepped several posts I'd already had in my queue-- the first was to post this week.

    However, I did not write any of that to encourage you to change your mind. You won't. I did write it to say that the goal for which I think Simple Pleasures was intended was achieved. We all need to stop and smell the roses and delight in the simplest of pleasures we likely take for granted.

    I'm not going anywhere. I'll enjoy your "collection" for as long as you share.

  2. All good things come to an end. Thank you for hosting this very special linky party for as long as you did. I'll still be popping over here to catch up with your blog. Hope you are still enjoying your holiday. Kathleen.

  3. Hi Dayle,
    Sorry to see you are closing Simple Pleasures,but I understand how time consuming running a blog party must be.
    I am writing from France and we were so busy on our first tour that I was simply too tired to openthe computer. Now we're on a break between tours I'm catching up on emails,blogging and putting my photos in order.
    Thanks for Simple's given me a nicer way to look at life and be thankful for the everyday things.I will still visit you if it's o.k with you.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  4. So sorry to see you lay down Simple Pleasures - though I know it is only in Blogworld that you'll be doing so. You have a sweet way of sharing simple pleasures with each post in your collection of this and that and though we party no more, I always look forward to your ruminations. Thanks for allowing us all to participate.


  5. I'm so sad about this. I'm sad because I've really loved it, and for the past weeks I have been in such a spiritual, personal, physical, and emotional slump that I haven't posted them.
    I haven't even read a lot of them because I have been pouty.

    Because my glass has been half empty...

    God has taught me a lesson this morning about squandering opportunity.

    Thank you, my friend, for giving this opportunity for the past year.

  6. Thanks for hosting the party. I'm thinking that is how I found your blog. Grateful. I will continue to enjoy reading your wonderful blog.

  7. I will miss it terribly, Dayle, but TOTALLY understand about seasons and changes. I just closed my first blog and feel lighter already. Simple Pleasures would not be a pleasure if it lost its simplicity due to being out of the right timing.

    You are one of the most gracious blog-hop hosts I have come across in blogland. I'll put in a little selfish request that He may use you in a similar area so we could party some more. ;)


  8. You have touched a lot of us.
    It has been wonderful.

  9. Thanks for being a wonderful hostess. I have truly enjoyed coming to the party each week
    Thanks again and many blessings to you

  10. Dayle - although I haven't participated in Simple pleasures for a while (since shutting down my second blog), I certainly have enjoyed it. I understand about feeling the need to shut down (that's what happened to me.) I felt the Lord calling me for my original purpose in blogging and that is to encourage women in their walk with Christ.)

    I still read you blog and have thoroughly enjoyed your postcards from the road. I'm hosting a Thursday link up called the Grace Cafe (it's a bit like Spiritual Sundays). Please know you are more than welcome to join.


  11. I, too, will miss Simple Pleasures ... but have to say, THANK YOU for "introducing" me to so many new ideas and wonderful people.

    You must be near home now? What fun we've had sharing your latest adventure!

  12. Dayle,
    Simple Pleasures has had its intended effect on me...I have slowed down and noticed the small things that flavor life and give us much joy. Thank you so much for being such a gracious hostess and as I am a follower, I will be visiting often.


  13. Thank you for opening up your blog and hosting Simple Pleasures. You have a special place here.

  14. Dayle, I am so sorry to hear this, but understand so well, you have been a most gracious host. I don't join a lot of parties, simply because of the lack of time, but "Simple Pleasures" was one that I very much enjoyed, and participated in when time permitted. Since finding "Simple Pleasures", I have learned to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the many simple pleasures that God sends my way each day, one being finding new friends here. Thank you for inviting me.

  15. Thank you for being an wonderful hostess . It has been a delightful experience for me . I know simple little pleasures make our lives .Enjoy the season !

  16. Hello Dayle....

    It was a great run. I remember when you were contemplating to start it!

    It's been great fun and I loved "meeting" all the people who participated.

    You have been a most gracious hostess. I thank you for your kindness in hosting the party all those months.

    May the Lord bless you for making the world a MUCH better place. Also, I'll never forget to look for the Simple Pleasures in life. Warmly, Susan

  17. Thank you for being such a lovely hostess. I hope people will keep the spirit of the party with them. :)

  18. You've been a great hostess! And you've made me slow down and contemplate a bit more, Dayle. I'm so glad I found your blog.

    Thanks for sharing sunshine with us.

  19. It has simply been a pleasure to read your blog posts...I'll miss you. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration.

  20. thanks for having done this Dayle.....and whatever life brings your way next....I wish you tons of simple pleasures always. ☺

  21. Dayle, I never participated in Simple Pleasures -- just didn't have the desire to add another kind of post to my life right now -- but I've read many of them (yours and ones written on other blogs), and they've certainly caused me to NOTICE and APPRECIATE the simple pleasures around me. Such a ministry you've had that will surely continue in hearts and attitudes around Blogland even though you no longer host the party. Thank you for touching and encouraging us all!

  22. I certainly know that there are seasons for things in our lives. Just because we are led to something for a season, it doesn't mean it's forever. So, I applaud you for knowing when it is time to let go.

    Simple Pleasures has been a lovely party, and I've enjoyed being a part of it this past year. I will miss it very much; however, I will continue to notice and enjoy the simple pleasures in my life.

    Many blessings to you.


  23. thank you ~ for encouraging me to cut out the noise and look for the Simple Pleasures.

  24. Dayle, I have only contributed to Simple Pleasures in recent weeks, but have enjoyed meeting you and sharing some simple pleasures.I wish you well where ever your blog takes you.
    Best Wishes

  25. Dear Dayle,
    thank you so much for all your encouragement over the past year that I've been doing Simple Pleasures with you!
    It truly has been a joy to me.
    Your graciousness and kind words have meant a lot and I appreciate all the work you put into making this a special event each week!
    I'm so glad to have met you and shared some of life's little blessings here.
    I'm sad it's over..but respect your decision to stop. It can't have been too easy.
    I pray the Lord's abundant blessings upon you and whatever new ventures you might be embarking upon now.
    Thanks again for being a wonderful host!
    Grace & joy to you..Trish

  26. I'm sad it's ending, but I'm so happy you offered it for as long as you did. Thank you, Dayle.


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