Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Smoky Mountain Day

In case anyone is wondering, twin sister and I are having a wonderful time on our Smoky Mountain getaway. In between enjoying the magnificent views, we have laughed, we have cried, and we have eaten way too often. But that aside, here are some of the views we have been enjoying.

Every morning, one of the four porches welcomes us outdoors.

From the front porch, the mountains are breathtaking.

The pool at the resort is already closed for the season,
but what a view!

This is a little wedding chapel, on the grounds of this resort.
The evening view is spectacular!

And the afternoon view isn't all bad either.

No wonder autumn is my favorite season.

I'm taking this one home with me.

Another sunset.
Another view of God's splendor.

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  1. A lovely getaway! So good to be able to share it with close family - sister, no less! Love the morning porch view! Hope you're getting plenty of inspiration for writing! I was so very blessed by your book - received it and have been getting cozy with it in the mornings - of course I read yours first!!
    Joy to you!

  2. Beautiful! We will be in the Smokies just for one day this weekend. I hope the color is still good.

  3. Oh Wow! What an incredible place. I hope you have the best time and collect lots of memories. Kit

  4. I love sister time! Wow, it is so beautiful there!

  5. Oh my... the view is spectacular in every direction !

  6. Wow! Such a gorgeous spot and stunning sunset!

  7. I am so jealous! Really, it's so beautiful!

  8. Absolutely nothing like fall in the Smoky Mountains.

  9. I think that part of the US is one of the most beautiful parts I've seen. I'm so glad the Doublemint Twins are having a good time.

  10. Breath. Gone. Taken away.

    Soooooo miss autumn. Lovely, lovely photos.

  11. Where in the smokies is this? I am from the Asheville area and have been to several places that look like this... It looks like a site for my next vacation!

  12. Sister togetherness is the best! Mine is in China at the moment, so our time is spent writing to each other daily... I do miss her!

    Have a wonderful time :D


  13. What a lovely retreat. Enjoy your time with your sis. Those sights and tree colors are brillant!

  14. You take the most wonderful vacations. I like that you share with us.
    Your posts allow me to visit places that I wouldn't have the oppertunity.
    What a great time for both of you.
    Happy Birthday

  15. You are so blessed! Glad you are able to enjoy such a beautiful place with your sister. What a memory.

  16. Beautiful pictures. I have always liked the Smoky Mountains. So glad I stumbled into your blog. I started freelance writing last year after becoming a full-time mom. Love reading other writers' work.


  17. Dayle, such beautiful leaves. You are making me want to go. We love to visit the Smokey Mts.

  18. Dayle,
    I visited the Smokey Mountains when I was very young and they left a lasting impression on me. Your photos (lovely) have reminded me of the pleasure of the mountains in the fall. The colors are gorgeous. Enjoy your time with Gayle and Happy Birthday to you both!


  19. You will certainly be relaxed and refreshed when you return home . . .

  20. Dayle - the scenery is gorgeous!!
    How glorious is our God's creation!
    You and your sister are so blessed to have time together in such a beautiful place.
    love in Jesus..Trish

  21. Hey I know that view, more or less. We have been in NC for the past almost three weeks, also enjoying several different cabins in different area. Fall is my favorite season also and Florida just does not do it for me in Sept/Oct. What a wonderful trip you had with your sister. Beautiful photos.

  22. I love NC (we have a mountain cabin there), and try to spend part of every summer there. Where were you??? It looks breathtaking. And the cabin is awesome.


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