Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful for Ainsley ~ My Sugar Plum

I received an email from a blogging friend this week, generously inviting me to link up to her very first linky party. (I know how scary that feeling can be ... hosting your first party.) Anyway, Dawn will host a linky party every day in November at her blog, "The Goodlife." You can join in one day, or the whole month. It's up to you. 

It's a "thankful" party, and what better time than this for counting blessings? I'm linking up today, and hope to make it back before the month is completely over. And if you have time, I know Dawn would be pleased as punch to have you hop on over and link up, as well.

If you've followed my blog long, you may recall I have a very special great-niece, Ainsley. Can you believe she will be a year old next month? It's hard to wrap my head around that fact, but there it is. Where does the time go?

Monday, my mom and dad were in town, and seeing their one and only great-grandchild is always a must whenever they're over for a visit. So, I rang up the niece and we all met up and had lunch together.

Here is sugar plum, blowing a kiss to her great-uncle with one hand ... and holding on to her fried okra with the other one. A true Southern girl if I ever saw one.

After lunch, we returned to my place for an afternoon of fun.

I have yet to become a grandmother, so Ainsley has been one of my greatest joys since arriving on the planet last December. I'm blessed to live close to my niece, and doubly blessed to be asked to keep Ainsley on occasion; currently, it's about once a week, which thrills me to no end. (And the neat thing is, I also kept Ainsley's mom quite often when she was this same age.)

I am so thankful to have Ainsley in my life. She has brought sunshine to the shadows.


  1. Love the photos ~ each one! This little Sugar Plum is adorable! Giving lots of love seems to be what she does best. The pics with Ainsley and her great-grandparents are so special!

  2. Nothing like a sweet baby girl. Sweet.

  3. Oh, I do know how you feel!
    The picture of your mother and Sugar Plum is priceless.

  4. She is just precious. I love her name too. There is nothing like a little one to brighten your days. How kind and generous of you to watch her each week--I'm sure her mama is so blessed.

    Thanks for linking up, Dayle!

  5. VISIONS of sugar plumS is she! What a dollface!

  6. What a little doll! I love the pic of her and your mom...soo precious. Have a good week-end!

  7. Precious!!! Lovin' the notion she enjoys fried okra (one of my favs)!
    That one profile snap of Ainsley and your mom particularly touched my heart. :)

  8. She is a cutie!!! I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see her cute hair that curls up on the top! Darling!

  9. Dayle,
    I know you love her to pieces and I know why - she is adorable. I'll bet your heart just melts when she smiles at you, Auntie Dayle! Great pictures.



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