Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Treasures from the Closet

I'm happy to report that the closet has been rightfully sorted and purged and the girl is smiling like a clam. There's just something about de-cluttering that has that effect on me. I open the closet door now and it feels like both of us can breathe easier.

Here are a few of the treasures I uncovered. Some of them will stay, and some of them will go.

Tammy will stay. She's been mine since the early 60's, and the joy she brought to my young heart cannot be measured. I'm not sure why I decided to enhance her eyebrows (with a permanent marker, no less) but, alas, I did.

My parents were never extravagant people, and these (plus the one she is wearing in the photo) are the only store-bought outfits I had for Tammy.

Love the party dress, complete with fur shawl, pearls, and gold clutch. I also have the gold belt that came with this outfit, but it is a bit stiff now and I didn't want to force it to comply with being photographed. :)

This was probably my favorite outfit. I adored all of the accessories that came with it, especially the camera.

My mother was/is a dynamite seamstress, and you can imagine my excitement one Christmas, discovering new clothes for Tammy, all lovingly stitched by my mother's hands. They are seen below.

The beauty of this dress can't be captured well on camera. It has sequins, and a net overlay. Tammy was stunning in this little number.

Here is an adorable casual outfit. The red corduroy jacket was a big hit.

Mother has such imagination. She created a lettered jacket for Tammy ...

... and a flannel housecoat ...

... and (drum roll please), a set of undergarments! Yes, that is a body girdle on the left (although rather stained from age), and a full-slip (with attached panties) on the right. Apparently, no respectable girl went out without a full-slip in those days. Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Last, but not least, this charming glittery gold formal dress, complete with faux fur shawl.  

The closet also held two boxes of my novelty candle collection from the 70's. They were a popular thing back then, and I took pride in finding some of the most unique ones.

I have decided it's time to let these go, as they no longer make my heart skip a beat.

I especially loved the "food" candles.

Their brilliant colors have faded, but they are still recognizable.

Fried egg anyone?

Or a baked potato, perhaps?

Who doesn't love a cheeseburger?


Then there were the animals and assorted others.

I will miss them all, but I'm ready to let them find other homes where they can be placed on a shelf and enjoyed.

Goodwill, here I come!


  1. Hi Dayle!I remember Tammy, she was the sweetest.I had her and Barbies.Such pretty things your mother made for her.I definately would cherish them forever.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh how sweet that you saved your doll and all her treasures. I am sure she is worth a bundle but I love that you are keeping her.

  3. WOW...I am soo impressed that you still have your Tammy doll AND all of her clothes and especially the accessories, (purse, shoes etc.) The whole collection I am sure would be worth quite a bit. But the handmade clothes your mother made are just priceless! I LOVE the slip and attached pannies...I just finished making a blanket bag for my new grandson and I thought that was small and fiddly...but to make something that small took special patience! I wonder what in the world became of all my old Barbies etc. I had a Tammy doll too. I LOVE that you still have yours...

  4. Tammy is looking pretty good for her age, Dayle. You have a lovely personal collection. I lost my Barbie clothes - some wonderful handmade ones, at that - when my little sister brought them to a friends house and never returned with them - back in the 70's when my little high school heart was far too concerned with big girl stuff and could not foresee how special my things would be another forty years hence. Mom kept a good deal of stuff, though, so I do have many special things from my youth. Found only one Barbie - decapitated and hair cut, poor dear. Your Tammy and accessories are in super condition - eyebrows notwithstanding. So wonderful to keep that child alive within . . .


  5. Priceless. Now you've got me wanting to take pictures of my Barbies and their clothing my grandmother had knitted and crocheted from the 70's!

  6. That was FUN! Enjoyed the tour and the photos that jogged my own Barbie day memories.

  7. I have recently discovered your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Your Tammy doll is a wonderful treasure. I love her glasses, camera and the clothes your mom so lovingly made are extra special. It brought back memories of when my mom and the neighbor ladies would get together to make Barbie clothes to sell at the elementary school's Christmas bazaar. That was in the 60s. Somewhere I still have them and my Barbie. Looks like I'd better clean out my closets :).

  8. Priceless. Being the sentimental person I am, this one brought tears. I love your mother to death. Love you too.

  9. Your mom just plain rocks!! I love the things that she made as much, if not more than the ones she bought. The blue gown is my favorite.

    I giggled a bit because my daughter dresses quite like Tammy today. (Well, not the undergarments.)

    The candles were neat. I remember having some, but I don't remember having ones quite as detailed as the baked potato one. Very cool.

    And yay for you for figuring out what should stay and what should go! I'm so glad you preserved Tammy, permanent marker brows and all.

  10. Bet you can't guess why I love that doll, especially the case!
    Wow! Your mom was a wonderful seamstress to sew such details in those tiny pieces. The red sweater and tweed skirt looks very much like today's style!

  11. . . . and all of the accessories too??
    Didn't it just bring back the best memories?!

    {I made a change and am now able to leave comments :)}

  12. What a wonderful Tammy Collection!!

  13. Tammy will stay...WHEW! You had me worried there for a minute! It's so hard for me to get rid of anything! And dolls are my passion! I have a room full of dolls and children's books that I treasure!♥ Your Tammy is absolutely wonderful! ♥

  14. Wow! I had a Tammy doll...this post really took me back...the accessories...the purse...the red glasses...the red shoes...I think she had a sister too. Wow, thanks for the memories! Can't believe you still have all that -- awesome! Joyce


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