Saturday, February 25, 2012

Books, how I love thee ... let me count the ways

My love of books goes back as far as I can remember. When I was a mere toddler, I memorized the words of my books (or so says my mother). When I was a school girl, I lived for our weekly trek to the city library. And when I sketched out my first set of plans for my dream house (at the ripe age of 18), the first room I labeled was the "library."

I'm still waiting on that library, but I have faith that one day, Lord willing, I will have a library in my home. It won't be big, but it will be perfect for me, and I've already laid out the where and how of it all. Now, if only I could talk The Man into letting me embark on this project. My goal is by year's end. Fingers crossed. Time will tell.

But back to books ... here's my latest musings on the matter of books, and I'd really be interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on.


Joining Natasha for Serenity Saturday.


  1. I love books! I am not much into the new technology. In fact I found a sweet little book I was searching for at the Dollar Store! It is perfect and I love it! I love your post. It really warmed my heart today! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello!

    I feel the same; I can't part with them after I've read them. They become old friends.


  3. I agree 100%! Oh, and my husband works in the paper industry so ebooks are a big no-no around here anyway.

  4. Hi Dayle...

    I'm with you, 100% No, make that 1000%. I LOVE books. God has blessed me already with a hubs who built floor to ceiling shelves on two living room walls. My "instant" library! How utterly wonderful it is on a snowy day to have the fireplace crackling and be curled in a corner of the couch, what else?, reading!

    You WILL have your library, Dayle. Tell your sweetheart that's what you want for Easter, your birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas combined----that's ALL you want----your beloved library. Betcha he'll do it. Susan

  5. Good morning! Oh how I agree! I LOVE books. The smell, the feel, the anticipation of a new one, or the comfort of an old loved one, it's all great. And your right...most of my reading is done in bed curled up and comfy. If I doze, so what? Now truthfully though here is one of my problems anymore. As we have moved to this MUCH smaller place, my bookshelves are FULL to the brim (I have two bookcases and no room for more) and two of my closest shelves as well, and a full box in my closest with old fav's I am hanging onto for some reason. There does come the dilemma of WHAT am I doing with them anymore. Some I pass on to Mel as she shares my love of reading, but that is not as convenient anymore as she lives soo far away. Having all my books in one easy place does have some appeal, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Have a good day! HUGS

  6. First of all, I LOVE the photo of the books. I think I love book photos almost as much as I love books. For years I collected notecards with the image of women reading (you'd be surprised, or maybe you wouldn't, at just how many of them there are). When we travel I go to bookstores first. There is a wonderful one in the Jericho area of Oxford that has books embedded in the wall. As far as loving books since I was a child, like you I used to memorize them. You might find this blog post of interest if you're a Nancy Drew fan:

    Lovely post, I enjoyed it.

  7. Those are some very handsome looking books.
    Nothing like the feel of a good friend in your hand (even the smell).

  8. I've not tried the eReaders, but I'll always want books around.

  9. Hi Dayle! Long time no see.I as well loveeeee books.They can invent anything they want but real book in the hand is awesome.Im with Christine. The smell is memories as well.


  10. I SO agree about BOOKS!
    ....AND a library.
    I don't have "mine" yet either,
    but how I'd love to have it!
    As it is, I have little libraries
    in just about EVERY room of the house.
    And how pleased I am when the first place
    the grandchildren come when they visit
    is often to the book holding kids' books...

  11. Count me in as another old fogey who doesn't want to give up the simple pleasure of holding (and touching... and smelling) a real live book. I'm just like you in that ever since I was little, I have loved them. Back when I was a child, my mom would let us roam while she shopped. (Imagine doing that today?) She says that she always found me in the book section or the NOTEBOOK section since I'm kind of odd about them, too.

    My husband joined the Nook generation about a year ago and seems to enjoy it OK. My daughter has a new kindle, and she reads from it. Yet, she still asked for more hard backed copies of her longtime favorites for Christmas because she is building the dream library in her mind one book at a time.

    Great article. I agree!

  12. I like my "real" books too. I'm not switching.

  13. Well written, Dayle. A poem has to be read from an old book not an iphone!!

  14. umm... I just discovered your blog today via Traci at "Beneath My Heart" .... and though I do not know you (as in we have never met ) what you wrote about "BOOKS" made me think that I wrote it!!!! I love the feel of books.. the smell of books... the look of books just lying on a table or in a book shelf!! Always have had a great love for BOOKS!!!! Thank you for posting such a beautifully written article!!!!!! BTW... I now follow your blog via email!!!! Thank you again !!!! Terri

  15. I just love books - they bet e-readers any day!!!

    Thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xxx


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