Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finding Inspiration

(Source: The New Decorating Book, Meredith, 1997)

I don't know about you, but I adore this bathroom and confess to having envied (more than once) the people who get to enjoy it on a daily basis.

You'll be glad to know I have since repented and can now look at this photograph with nothing but sheer admiration. The book it appears in was published in 1997, but it is still my kind of bathroom. (I'm nothing, if not an old fogy.)

Since I can't claim this bathroom as mine, I decided to take one or two elements from the photograph, things that could work in my teeny-tiny guest bathroom, and imitate them, but use my own touches to make it my own.

Since I already had a shelf similar to this in my guest bath, the shelf is what I went with, zeroing in on how much I loved the glass bottles.

Using this as inspiration ...

I created this in my guest bathroom.

One day, perhaps, I will get really energetic and install the beadboard panels, but that'll be another day or year. For now, I'm happy.

As long as I've been old enough to decorate, I've used photographs as inspriation, as a jumping-off place, if you will. By adding personal preferences and touches, it's easy to make any idea your own.



  1. The shelf looks beautiful. I see the same elements but you made it your own. Nice job!

  2. Great job, Dayle. LOVE it. You'll get that paneling eventually. I just know you will. I use photos for inspiration, too! Susan

  3. I agree, magazines are great inspiration.
    When I'm at my whit's end, I use them for inspiration from clothes, garden, and food.
    Love a good magazine!

  4. Love it!

    This is exactly what I needed to read this evening. I have been in a decorating funk of late and can't seem to settle on something to drag me out of it. My problem is that everything is just too big a task.

    I love that you pulled a part out to let inspire you. I could do that. I should do that!

    And the more I think about it, I could apply that to my lack of inspiration in life in general too.

    I love what you did, and it just plain inspires me.

  5. I have books from the 90s too that I still love to go through. Especially an old Laura Ashley one. I just hope the water turns on okay these days and my ac keeps working.

  6. Me. too, Dayle- I have books, and notebooks, full of inspirational ideas. I love what you have done. I think some things are just timeless and can't be dated...xo Diana

  7. Some of the ideas I clipped from magazines 20 years ago now look terribly dated, but a surprising number are still fresh and as inspiring as ever.

  8. You and me both, side by each.

    I love your adorable shelfscape. I can imagine you casting your eyes up there each time you enter your lovely bath. Smile, too, don't ya?!

    I am "known" for my magazine-inspired spaces, tablescapes, etc. People who come to our home compliment and say, "You're so creative." Neh. I'm "so inspired."

    One of these days I'll (probably?) get my favorite bedroom as inspired by a ?1994? magazine photo... Who knows. May 20 years is how long it'll take! Ha!

    Are you like me: Do you keep your inspiration files, packed with magazine clippings and sketches, marked BATHS, BEDRROMS, WINDOW TREATMENTS, etc.? Or am I the only golden girl who does that? That's a fun, "lazy day job."

  9. ME TOOOO!!! I have Cottage style magazines that are 10 - 12 years old and I have marked the "Look" I love!!! Funny that so much of the Decor and Look that I adore is still something that would work in todays decor world!!! LOL.... I love your shelf decor!!! Very pretty

  10. I'd say you did a fantastic job and created a lovely vignette. The bottles are indeed beautiful and work so well with the other items. Very nice!


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