Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yearning for Simpler Times

I love this photo. Here's how it happened.

Last Friday, The Man and I, along with big sis and brother-in-law, sweet niece and her family met up at Old Town Spring, which is just a skip and a hop from my back door. We ended our outing at Wunsche Bros., a landmark café that looks like something out of a Western movie. I go there as often as possible. The burgers are amazing.

After getting seated, we called twin sis (who was just getting off work) to join us. While we waited, I took sugar plum to the front to let her watch for her Aunt Gayle through the window.

I wish Gayle had been able to get her reaction, when she first saw her (she was, literally, jumping up and down, waving her arms), but I dearly love this shot with all of the reflections going on. I like how it captures both of the crazy aunts, who are crazy about sugar plum, but mostly how it evokes a feeling of simpler times.

Speaking of simpler times, I’ve had a yearning for them lately. A serious yearning. I attempt to live as uncomplicated as I can, in this present world, but I miss the simple days of my childhood. Life wasn't as easy back then, perhaps, without some of the conveniences we enjoy today, but I think, in many ways, our conveniences have only complicated our lives.

I've always enjoyed the paintings of Janet Kruskamp, because they illustrate simpler times. I have a couple of note-card sets that showcase her work, but you can find more at her website.

Isn't this scene simply divine?



  1. Oh Dayle,
    This has been on my heart for awhile now.I yearn for the simplicity of the 1950's (when I was growing up)and yes, we had the "bomb" to worry about and sit under our desks with our hands over our heads, but it was such a sweet time to be young and uncomplicated and well, naive. I love the painting and will go online to try and find more about Janet Kruskamp. Thanks for a lovely post and the great picture of you and Gayle and Sugar Plum.


  2. Fantasy sweet, it is divine. Little sparks of memories for a simple time come a long every now and then. Best to you.

  3. I think me and you are on the same thought train, crazy aunt. What's new? ;-)

  4. Precious little girl and so loved! The photo is adorable! Fun moments for everyone :)

  5. Captured beautifully!
    Look at her eyes!

  6. isn't simple beautiful!
    and isn't that baby divine?

  7. I loved the simplicity of the time I grew up, too. We made our own fun and although we weren't rich I felt like we were because we were surrounded by so much goodness...and a simple farm life. I sometimes long for those days, too. xo Diana

    ps..that little one is just adorable and so are the aunties!

  8. Hi Dayle...Ohhhhh, Sugarplum is one sweet angel. No wonder her aunts are crazy about her. Loved the photo, too. The notecard is absolutely charming. I LOVE scenes like that. You are right. Simpler is better. Susan

  9. She's a Sugar-Plum, Dayle! Really great shot, too - a cherished moment in time captured. And, I'm with you on the simpler times and a yearning for the innocence of childhood again. I do love the notecard illustration - I like to think I live there - at least I keep pictures like that around me - and books like that - and my room decor sort of kind of like that . . .
    Ah . . . Mayberry . . .

  10. Sugar-Plum - I just love her even though I've never met her!

    I remember simpler times and they were wonderful although I didn't realize it then.

  11. she is just too sweet looking thru the window!!
    ahhh... simpler times. i could use a few of those moments! maybe i need to bake that beautiful pie!

  12. The scene is indeed divine, and Gayle's photo capture is just wonderful. It almost has a supernatural quality about it. She managed to reflect in a photo something that it's hard to describe with words if that makes sense.

    I can't tell you how much I long for simpler times. I can get very long winded about it if you get me started so I won't start.

    When I think about my life growing up, we would be considered underprivileged by today's standards, and I think that is a sad commentary about today's standards.

  13. What a smile!!! I'm thinking the folks Hallmark is (or should be) jealous!
    Isn't it heartwarming how many of us seem to be on the same page, longing for simpler times?

    PS - Your lunch spot sounds like just "my" kind of place!

  14. Oops - call the grammar police. You know, I MEANT to say "are" jealous!

  15. I can picture the crazy aunts jumping up and down as well.

    I want to be in that simply divine kitchen right now!

  16. Hi Dayle,
    A simpler time!
    Sounds good to me. I'll be 70 in July and when I was growing up (I love sounding 'old' when I say that) life's pace was definately slower for the kids. I think my Mum worked hard at home all day.Everything was home grown and homemade and Mum made it look effortless. She knitted and sewed for us all.
    I love the 'Moment' captured in the's full of emotion.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  17. I love this post... and I love the illustration. It made me smile because yes, it truly makes me think about simpler times and the need to simplify in my own life.


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