Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scenes from a Blessed Life

Despite blazing temperatures and a lot of rain in recent weeks, my little garden has held its own ... except for the impatiens, which are still doing great in the bucket, as you can see, but those planted around the pond have been replaced. They were doing beautifully until a certain animal decided to plunder through them. Don't even get me started.

The verbena had to be cut back to the nub, as it was looking all snarly, but it sprang back with much vigor.

For me, it's just too stinking hot to enjoy spending much time outdoors, but there are days that I venture out for a good heart-to-heart with sugar plum. Lordy mercy, the stories that girl can weave. It's music to my ears to witness her taking hold of the English language. Such sweetness.

Speaking of sweetness. Have you ever seen anything sweeter? It just so happens that The Man and I attend a different church than sugar plum, but her mom and dad are kind enough to share her with us some Sundays. After her mom drops her off in her pjs and hands me an outfit, I'm on my own. It always brings back wonderful memories of dressing my little one for church when she was a tiny thing. Here, sugar plum is waiting at the backdoor for Uncle Stan (or Unc Tan, as she calls him) to give us the signal that her seat has been installed.


Until next time, sweet friends, I hope you're enjoying these long days of summer. Stay close to God and to the ones you love, and make sure they know how you feel. As this week has taught us, yet again, life is fragile. Handle carefully, and with much prayer.


  1. It's lovely to see that you're back from your time away. I hope that the break was refreshing and that you've returned with zest for writing!

  2. Little Sugar Plum has plenty of sweetness to spread to everyone! What a conversation you must have had :)

    Your flowers are all so pretty and enjoying summer. Lovely!

  3. loved all the pictures but especially the one of Sugar Plum...such a sweet photo. My youngest son calls his oldest daughter his sugar plum too. I love the expression and she loves it too. She is 7. The other night she wanted to call her daddy up at his office as was studying late, and when he answered the phone she said, "Hi daddy, it's your Sugar Plum." He said his heart just melted. : ) Have a good Sunday!

  4. I'm glad the flowers have survived a certain animal. :-) I wondered how they had fared. Beautiful pics, and the toddler in the pics brings us all joy divine.

  5. Congratulations on the garden surviving the intense heat, Dayle. And Sugarplum? Sweet, darling cutie pie. I can see why you love her with every fiber of your being. Take care. Susan

  6. It's wonderful how you keep your garden so lovely in all that heat. Where we are (California), in the places where it gets into the 90's and 100's, there's no rain all summer. Ugh. Glad I live a mile from the ocean!

  7. Our weather in Portland, Oregon has been in the seventies all week, and going to get in the 80's next week.
    I think your garden looks lovely in spite of the heat! Your little great niece is so sweet and such a blessing to you, I can tell.

  8. That is the most precious picture I've seen around.
    Sugar Plum, waiting at the window. Just so cute!

  9. So sweet that your niece shares her with you. ;) Praying you feel the Lord's presence as you go through your days, Dayle.

  10. What a wonderful collage of pictures. You ARE blessed...especially by that little one waiting at the screen door- xo Diana

  11. Lovely moments captured in time shared with a beautiful message. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great Sunday.

    The French Hutch

  12. Oh how I love that photo of your sugar plum. The perfect still life. :)Kit

  13. Came back to see if my earlier comment posted. I had a feeling it didn't since the whirl started to swirl right afterward.

    I think she's adorable, and please tell her mommy that this Georgia peach gives her two enthusiastic thumbs up for style.
    This reminds me of my days dressing a little girl too.

    Thank Heaven for them, yes?

  14. Hi Dayle,
    I'm glad your garden is doing well in the heat.
    Your photos are lovely, especially the ones of Sugar Plum. She is growing so fast. I love it when little ones repeat words and experiment with talking.
    How wonderful that you have special 'going to church' time with her.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia


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