Monday, August 13, 2012

Rosy Revival in the News (Really)

A few weeks back, I shared the exciting news of Rosy Revival's grand opening. Rosy Revival is a charming shop owned and operated by my niece and her husband (sugar plum's parents), and I am one beaming aunt, so proud of them for all of the hard work they have put into seeing this dream become a reality.

Since my introductory post, a few noteworthy things have happened, and I wanted to share the good news on my blog.

For starters, last Thursday, what a delight to open up the newspaper and find their smiling faces on the front page, accompanied by a delightful article that captures their dream and personalities so well. It made my heart sing, I was so happy for them.

And I'm thrilled to announce that Rosy Revival now has a blog! YAY! While it's only been up and running a couple of weeks, you can already find inspiration and a look at some of their latest projects. I would be pleased, and deeply honored, if you hopped over and became a follower, or just stopped in to say, "Hello!" You can also find them on Facebook under the same name. Tell them "Aunt Dayle" sent you.

I'm linking to one of my favorite blog posts here. It's about a trip to the country for a little rest and relaxation, which, of course, included the refinishing of furniture. (This piece shown in the blog post has already sold, but what a transformation!)

There's nothing more gratifying than watching people you love work hard to make a dream come true. Rosy Revival is currently gearing up for its first chalk paint workshops. For dates and availability you can click over to the blog, or send an email to the address shown in the flyer above. I've heard seats are filling up, and I wish them all the best.

In the meantime, sugar plum continues to charm me and keep me company, at least once a week. I tell you that girl is growing like a little weed.

Until next time, sweet friends, you are a blessing to me!


Edited 2013: Rosy Revival now has a bigger and better home in Old Town Spring.
For details, click on this link.


  1. I love dreams, too, and get almost as excited as the dreamers who dream them. God help that to always be the case for me!

    Congratulations to those kiddos!


  2. I wish them al the best with this new venture.

  3. I am headed over to follow- That little sugar plum is a doll! xo Diana

  4. Yay! That is so exciting. I will have to go over and check out her blog. I love the look of that furniture! Kit

  5. Win win situation.
    Your niece and her husband are making a splash and you get to spend time with Sugar Plum.

  6. What a blessing, to love what you do. I'll definitely be checking out their blog and FB pages ... 'til I can get there in person. :)))

    PS - Do I detect a bit of auburn going on in Sugar Plum's hair? She's a doll!

  7. Hi Dayle,
    I'm so pleased and excited that Rosy Revival is getting write ups in the good for business.
    It's nice you get be with Sugar Plum each week.....littlies change so quickly at this age.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  8. Congratulations to them! It's wonderful to see people starting a business from the ground up and getting noticed for it. I wish them the best success.

  9. Hi Dayle....Wonderful news about Rosy Revival getting a front page spread! woo hoo! I'll go over there right now and tell them Dayle sent me! Love, Susan

  10. I gave you anniversary shout outs in the last post, but in case you don't see it, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!

    As for Rosy Revival, I love every picture you show of it so I'm hopping to that blog link next. I love it when dreams come true. I can tell that a lot of hard work went into making this dream a reality.

    And the shop mascot? Well, cute...

  11. Dayle congrats to your niece and her husband. How excited they must be.


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