Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Living in the Moment ~ Simple Pleasures

Morning hours are some of my favorite hours of the day. To pour that first cup of coffee, step out the back door, inhale the fresh air, feel the sun on my face, join Diesel on the glider (if he leaves me room), and talk to the Lord a bit … it all makes for a good day.

Yesterday, I felt the first stirring of fall in the air, and saw the evidence on the ground. It made my heart skip a beat.

Well, well. The good people at Southern Living magazine are offering me a “senior rate” of $10.00 on a 14-issue subscription. I guess old-age has a few benefits after all. What’s not to love?

In the kitchen, the blue plumbago cuttings are keeping the little coffee-cup clock company. They make a pretty pair.

With our temperatures cooler, the humidity lower, what better place to linger than the hammock?

The girl is no longer a misfit among the sisters. Giddy up!

And finally, in this ever changing world, there are still a few things I am sure of. I keep this on my wall as a reminder.

I’m living in the moment, celebrating simple pleasures. Here’s wishing you a day of the same.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on.


  1. Dayle,
    I believe simple pleasures are the best. And Diesel is wonderful.

  2. Hi Dayle! Lovely photos and words! I, too, love the fall season. It's my favorite. Your dog is precious!!

  3. What's wrong with those Southern Living people? You are not old! I am posting some pictures tomorrow of my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. I don't think they are old. You're only as old as you feel, right?

    1. I know ... what's wrong with those people? My thoughts exactly. HA!

  4. Simple pleasures are so sweet and make such precious memories.


  5. Hi Dayle,
    WHOO HOO...beautiful boots.
    I love having some plumbago inside..it's such a simple yet delicate flower and I like the blue colour.
    Welcome to "old"... there are some benefits..BUT if you don't tell people your age..they always think you are younger than you are. I like that.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  6. I love how you start each day!! One day I'll be able to do that full all year long instead of two days a week and also love your plaque loving the sun and GOD!!

  7. So lovely! A great way to start your day. :) Kit

  8. Hello Dayle...Very nice message. We must savor each and every precious second! Have a beautiful Wednesday! Susan

  9. What a lovely post, Dayle! I have to laugh at your "senior offer" -- I just turned 62 and the only good thing about it is that I can get into the movies more cheaply! I love your simple pleasures.

  10. I really love visiting you.
    Your words are so soothing.

    Great the boots!Now you need to go and kick the heels.
    The temperature is still pretty high, according to your thermometer.

    You saved the best for last. Words of wisdom are so needed!

    1. Christine, anything under 85, with low humidity, and we're in hog heaven around here.

      I'm excited to get out and stomp around in them there boots, too.

  11. I do the same thing in the morning. After Hubby leaves for work I take my coffee and go sit in the swing on the front porch.

  12. The boots are adorable! Love all those calming images. Simple pleasures indeed.

    And Diesel's the greatest, isn't he?

  13. i am a little envious of your fall temps! and the red boots!

    and that quote? it was pasrt of our sunday lesson this past week... and my daughter asked if she couldhave the card it was written on, and it is now tucked into her bible. xoxo

  14. Our trees are almost all yellow...and we have a nip in the air....fall is almost here for us! Lovely post!

  15. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. : )
    I am off to surf around your blog for a while. Love those red cowgirl boots.
    There is nothing better than spending a quiet morning with the Lord before everyone is awake, is there?

  16. Glad you stopped in! Great blog! And love hammock time as well.

  17. I had a good laugh about getting a senior rate for the magazine. When I get those, I don't know whether to be happy or insulted! I got a good giggle! What a great blog you have!


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