Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday's Sweetness

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t attend the same church as sugar plum (my grand-niece), even though we live just a few minutes from each other. So, occasionally, I ask her mother if she can go to church with me and The Man, because, let’s face it, there’s nothing more enchanting than a little girl dressed up (I love that we both attend churches where folks still put on their Sunday best).
Yesterday morning found me and sugar plum headed to church—alone. The Man wasn’t able to attend, so that meant I was on my own at getting a picture of me and sugar plum (a necessity, don’t you see).
This collage depicts perfectly what a dilemma that turned out to be.

The top row pics were taken in my bathroom, after curling sugar plum’s hair. I was attempting to take the picture by holding my camera in front of the mirror. As you can see, I totally missed the mark in the one on the left, and hit the mark in the other one, by accident, I might add. Sugar plum was a bit confused about where to look, so I just up and kissed her.

The bottom row finds sugar plum fast asleep on the rather long drive to church (28 miles to be exact). That face is pure sweetness. The other shot shows my determination to get a facing-forward, full-length photo of her, in that entirely adorable outfit. Pardon our less-than-graceful stance. I do confess we were squatted down on the bathroom floor at the church, in front of the full-length mirror.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

We sang together all the way home from church, and how I wish I could have figured out a way to record that heart-warming event, but, alas, my memory will have to do.

Until next time, here’s wishing all of my blogging peeps a week of melodious memories with someone you love.

This post is part of the series, Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.


  1. What a beautiful mosaic you have created and a beautiful child in it.

  2. Good morning! The pictures are lovely. She is soo sweet. Glad you enjoyed your time with her!

  3. great pictures...and how precious, totally precious

  4. So sweet! Yes I miss those days...when people 'dressed' for church...

  5. Dayle - She is so darling!! How precious the memories she will have of going to church with you and getting all dressed up. How sweet!


  6. Oh Dayle...Darling, darling, darling little Sugar Plum. Oh, no WONDER you adore that little sweet petunia. Your pictures were great! Good for you getting them at all costs! Thanks so much for sharing the sweetness. Susan

  7. She is getting cuter by the day!!! Remember when all our parents had were the requisite Baby Books. How fortunate that today's babes have their lives chronicled in "living color" by loved ones. :)))

  8. "Sweetness" for sure.
    You look pretty happy together.

  9. Oh, so sweet. You two are adorable!

    My mama has a Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir DVD that Nora loves. She enters their house saying "Raise Hands, Clap Hands." That's what she's named it. Aren't they the sweetest praisers?


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