Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Favorite Thing ~ Granddaddy's Adding Machine

When my maternal grandfather passed away, at the age of 95, my mother passed some of his things down to her kids. The Burroughs adding machine came to live with me. It is, truly, one of my favorite things.
(My grandfather)
My mother estimates that the Burroughs was purchased in the late 1930's or early 40's; she grew up with it. Amazingly, it is still in good working condition, not that I have a clue how to work it.
The only downside of the Burroughs is how much it weighs. I've never weighed it, but I would estimate it's a full 50 pounds. It's so heavy that I don't try to lift it by myself.

My grandfather was a railroad man until he retired, but he also did some accounting on the side. Whenever we would visit, Granddaddy could often be found at his desk in a little office next to the laundry room. I can still remember how he looked sitting there, and I can hear the clicking of the old adding machine, as he worked late into the night.
I'm grateful to have this piece of history in my foyer. I never look at it without remembering my dear grandfather, and the very special man that he was.
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  1. What a sweet and special memory. My grandfather was a special man in my life and I treasure the things I have passed down from he and my grandmother's home. Blessings to you for a lovely weekend. Heather

  2. What a wonderful heirloom to have! I still miss my grandparents and love the treasures that I have from them

  3. Such a wonderful treasure! I have many things that belonged to my grandparents. Whenever I look at them I feel like they are still with me.

    Susan and Bentley

  4. I love vintage things that hold such dear memories. The photos of your grandfather are nice too.

  5. It's so nice to have things that bring back those special memories! I love the style of your adding machine!

  6. What a wonderful treasure! Love the pictures too-- especially the one with the old cars in the background! Hope our grandfathers know how much we miss them!

  7. Just fabulous! I love old adding machines, typewriters, anything like that. But that your adding machine was your grandfather's is priceless.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  8. How very special that you have your Grandfather's adding machine!! They just don't make them like they use to!! NICE!!

  9. I'm thinking your Grandfather would be so pleased to see this!
    You know what's intrigued me? ... That basket nearby with the old b/w photos. Sweet touch!

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  11. I saw that adding machine on a recent post and thought it was delightful.
    What a memory for you and an amazing history that you have displayed.

  12. What a wonderful memory and treasured keepsake. Isn't it amazing how big and heavy things were back then? My beloved Grandpa was a railroad man too until a derailment left him lame. I'm sure your Granddad would be so proud to know that you have his adding machine in memory of him.

  13. What a sweet memory! I love the old adding machine and think it's got such character, like your Grandfather must have had!
    hugs, Linda

  14. It is nice to have a collection of things that belong to the past and people no longer here I have lots of bits and pieces from my parents and grandparents nothing of money value but are very special to me.

  15. What a treasure, and such wonderful memories attached to it. It would be one of my favorite things. But I especially loved that you called him Granddaddy, as we did our Oklahoma grandfather. Here's to lots of happy memories.

  16. It's wonderful to have some family treasures....and then display them in your home. My grandpa owned a business and worked late into the night on his adding machine. We kids were never allowed in his office. I really wanted to play with his machine.

  17. Awwwww, that was a nice column, Dayle. Thanks for sharing. Your Granddaddy sounded like a great man. Susan

  18. It reminds me of my father's 1928 Royal tyoewriter that I sadly did not keep. Sweet memories indeed . . .

    1. I wanted my grandfather's Underwood typewriter, but my twin sis got that piece (no hard feelings, of course .. hehe). It's simply wonderful. I'm sorry you didn't keep the old Royal.

  19. Memories, so glad you got a piece of family history.

  20. I love old pieces like that they are very tactile.

    So has a wonderful association with your grandfather.

    Lil Bit Brit


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