Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silver Dollar City

It was a frosty Saturday morning in Branson. We decided to head to Silver Dollar City. We've been there a number of times, but always enjoy going back.
A lot of folks had the same idea; the place was swarming with people.
We weren’t in a hurry, so we took our sweet time meandering about, soaking in the beauty of the autumn season …
... and getting a little into the Christmas spirit with a some Christmas music from this trio of ladies called Pure Heart. Lovely sound. They've been performing here for 22 years.
It is safe to say The Man and I ate our way through the place. Being as I don’t do rides, and I wasn’t interested in shopping, the best thing to do was to indulge in food. Alas, temptation lurks around every corner. The aroma alone is intoxicating.
I dare say a diet is in my future.
As the sun sank lower, the air grew colder. I have sensitive ears and had to whip out the ear muffs.
At 5:30, an official tree lighting gets underway, which is quite spectacular. But the best part of it has nothing to do with lights but rather the narrator sharing the story of the first Christmas, and the Real Meaning of the season, with the thousands of folks gathered there. Christmas is a Christian holiday, and Jesus Christ is the meaning of the season. It's refreshing to see people who aren't ashamed to proclaim their Christian beliefs in a public forum.
After dark, it was time for a hot cup of wassail and enjoying the magic.

So long, Silver Dollar City! Lord willing, we will see you again one of these years. The Man and I plan to head toward the barn tomorrow, home in time for Thanksgiving.


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  1. It looks wonderful to me!

    (I'm glad you are going to be home by Thanksgiving. Drive safely!)

  2. Oh, wow, what a wonderful place to visit! Sending very happy Thanksgiving wishes to you two!

  3. I love Silver Dollar City at Thanksgiving--

    Love your muffs--

    Hope your holiday is extremely blessed!

  4. Your photos are amazing!! :) I loved them all!! I visited Silver Dollar City once during the summer, I can't imagine how much fun it would be at Christmas! And I LOVED that they read the Christmas story!! That is awesome! You are right, it is a Christian holiday to celebrate Jesus, and it is definitely refreshing that they honored that!! Thanks for sharing and for your kind comments at Chaos & Coffee!! Have a blessed day :)

  5. We live around 3.5 hrs from Branson and try to make the Christmas as Silver Dollar City every other year or so. It is my alltime favorite decorated place to visit. I too am so proud of their Christian stance during this season!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.


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