Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Simple Things, I Find Peace

After three days of gray skies and rain, glorious sunshine arrived. Nothing but blue in the heavens. The air is cool, invigorating.

The Man has gone home for a few days. I miss him, but I wanted him to go. He will enjoy the space to himself, mingle with family a bit, watch a little football, and take care of some personal business next week.

Meanwhile, I am sitting at the kitchen table and can see the wide blue yonder from here. My attention is always drawn to the towering pines that surround my parents’ home. This place has seen its share of hurricanes in the four decades Mom and Dad have owned this property. They’ve lost many a tree, and probably a dozen or more pines during the worst of storms.

But the ones I’m admiring today are not worried about tomorrow, or the next storm, or if they will still be upright in the morning. Today, they stand tall, their roots giving them strength.

I find that simple things, like studying trees, can nourish your soul and set your mind at ease.

The sliding door in the kitchen is open just enough for me to feel the sun on my skin. I hear the traffic out on the highway and wonder where the folks are traveling to on this perfect day in Southeast Texas.

On the stove, chicken is frying in a skillet, a peach cobbler bubbles in the oven, and coffee is already brewing. Daddy is moving himself about in his wheelchair, while Mother lays out fabric on the bed for her latest quilt project.

It is in the simple things that surround me here that I am renewed and refreshed, and so grateful for this wonderful life.

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Sharing at Elaine's party today, a real treat.


  1. What a beautiful picture you have painted of you sitting at the table with the door open a bit. I can smell the chicken and the cobbler from here- Blessings to you and your folks- xo Diana

  2. Dayle, you have proved again what a wonderful writier you are--I loved this post--helped me know just a little bit more about you and your family--LIVE--I don't know of a better word--

  3. Hi Dayle,
    I so am with you about the simple things in is just wonderful to drink it all in.......sounds wonderful, and so glad you are getting to spend some
    extra time with your Mom and Dad, am sure they are lovin' that!!
    Fried chicken and cobbler, sounds wonderful to me...............
    God is always in the simple things..........He is so good to us...all the time.
    Blessings for a Wonderful New Year,

  4. Homemade fried chicken, cobbler and quilts...sigh...

  5. I agree ~ what a lovely picture you have painted with your beautiful words. It really is the simple things in life that bring us pleasure.

  6. The simple things do bring us much joy, Dayle, if you take time to look for them. You have immense insight into the important things in life and they are little things!So happy you are spending these precious moments with your parents. One day you will look back and be filled to the brim with gratitude for having been there at this time. Susan

  7. A peaceful picture.Thank you for sharing.God bless. :)

  8. For a few moments, it was as though I was right there with you. I have so many fond memories of times spent in your parents' home. We were much younger then...Give them hugs from me and love to all of you.

  9. Good morning! Nothing quite like the simple things is there? Loved your description of the day. Glad you are able to spend this time with your parents. Hope your dad is getting better and better each day! Hugs to you!

  10. As my friend says, "Life is Good, God is Good" ~ and it certainly sounds like it is at your house. I'll be right over (**

  11. So refreshing and important for each of us to have some quiet time to notice and enjoy the simple things, like the wonder of the trees. Sounds wonderful. I am on that journey.

  12. You're words really hit the spot today.


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