Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ~ A Favorite Thing

This mirror dates back before I was born. 
It is a favorite thing.

There are a pair of them. The other one has a different design. You can see it in the old photo of my handsome dad here from way on back.

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  1. I appreciate your mirror - a friend of mine has a similar one in her guest bath. Beautiful ~ thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Dayle. Your Daddy was, indeed, a very handsome young man in this photo.

    Regarding mirrors, my favorite overheard saying is: MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, I AM MY MOTHER, AFTER ALL. ha ha haha ha ha Got a kick out of that one. It's so true, too!

    Take care and have a nice weekend. Susan

  3. What a unique mirror -- took me a minute to realize that the flamingo and vines were painted on!

    1. It's so hard to take a good photo of a mirror. I kept seeing myself in it. :)

    2. Well, you did a good job on this one -- I don't see you anywhere! LOL!

  4. I like your "old" mirror and the one in the photo with your handsome dad.

  5. These are really unique Dayle. I love them. And your dad is one handsome dude!

  6. Dayle- My mother had one of those mirrors. It must have been quite a splurge for a farm wife to have such a "fanciful" mirror. How I wish I had it today. I think she got it with S&H green stamps- xo Diana

  7. I had to look a few times before I figured out what was on the mirror! Beautiful. Love the photo of your daddy.

  8. I'd never seen anything like this before ... it's lovely, Dayle!

  9. What a beautiful mirror! I looked closely and then I figured out the design. Love that you have the photo of your dad sitting beneath the mirror. Such a lovely link from then til now.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  10. What a great mirror and such fun to see it's partner in the photo with your dear dad!

    The things I love around my home all live in my curio cabinet - little treasures with big memories. :)

    Happy weekend to you!

  11. What a sweet, homey blog this is. I scrolled through all of your previous posts, as well as this one, and I enjoyed my visit like I was staying with an old friend.
    You have a wonderful heart, and such a loving way of sharing your feelings.

  12. Love your favorite things and you should link up that photo of your handsome dad over at my Flashback Friday linky party! :)


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