Monday, March 4, 2013

When Someone Believes in You ~ Remembering

While visiting a friend in the Medical Center a few months back, I couldn't resist driving through the beautiful campus of Rice University. Even though Rice University sits on a crazy busy street, once you turn in you're transported by the stillness.

As I stopped to snap a few photos, I remembered so well my time spent here as a young writer (and a young mother). All of my dreams were so fresh, my zeal for writing sky-high. 

And it was here, on this very campus, that someone (other than my loyal family) encouraged me to pursue my writing ambitions. I had real potential, she said. She liked my work. My instructor's belief in me was precisely what I needed, in order to believe in myself.

Today, I’m grateful for teachers and mentors who go the extra mile. They are the ones you always remember. One person can make a difference, it’s true.

Is there someone special in your life who helped you over a hump, who gave you the courage to believe in yourself and follow your dreams?

Speaking of writing, I discovered some months ago, quite by accident, that my third book, Home Improvement (9 Steps to Living a Joyful Life) is now available as a Nook Book. Oddly enough, I don't have a Nook, as I still prefer the paper sort, but if you enjoy such things, I'd be honored if you took a look at my "new" Nook Book.

Until next time, dear friends, thanks for stopping by and keeping me company. You're always welcome here.



  1. I, too, am thankful for the cheerers in my life! You are so right-- they truly made a difference.

    And it's not on Nook, but I own and LOVE your book, Dayle! Think I'll get it out and share it with a young wife and mother who would enjoy it right now. It will help her improve her English and her life!


  2. Wonderful and peaceful photos. Congrats on your writing. I write too but never the courage to take the next step or even how to. Enjoy your day.

    1. Thanks so much! As for finding courage to take the next step, I've discovered the first step is the hardest. I wish you all the best in your writing pursuits.

  3. What a beautiful campus. I grew up in a college town. I had a teacher in school that encouraged me and I'll never forget her. I have a Nook...I'll look at your book! How neat! Hugs!

  4. My high school drama teacher was a huge influence on me and gave me some much needed direction in life. I sometimes wonder where I would have ended up if it hadn't been for him.

  5. It is so true that one person can make a difference. I was always the "outsider" in high school-having had to switch schools in 8th grade to a school where everyone had been together since first grade. I had a teacher that told me how bright I was and really got me interested in learning. I have thought about him 1000 times over the years and said a little "thank you". xo Diana

  6. Oh Dayle, it IS wonderful to have (and be) mentors. Sometimes another person just needs someone to help him or her believe in him or herself!

    I have had several mentors along life's path and I'm grateful to all of them.

    You are a wonderful writer. Congratulations on your published books! Susan

  7. I live in the Houston area and I've always loved the beauty and peace of Rice University. I to am very thankful for mentors and role models who go the extra mile. Congrats on your book becoming a nook book :)


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