Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Treasures in the Garden

You probably haven't noticed, but I've been a bit absent in the social media world the last few days. There are reasons (all good), and I will "splain" more about that on another day. 

In the meantime, Friday was a sugar plum kind of day, perfect in every way. We explored in the backyard and found a purple bloom in my little garden, a space that has, for the most part, been neglected so far this season (I'll get there, Lord willing).

While she stood admiring the world around her, 

I sat on a bench nearby and admired her.

Flowers and children.

Two of God's greatest gifts to the world, wouldn't you say?

Speaking of sugar plum, I'm swiping some of her mom's photos from Easter Sunday.

My adorable grand-niece. 
She warms my heart and fills me up with joy.



  1. Dayle- I love the description 'a sugar plum kind of day'.It creates the perfect image.
    And your grand niece is precious.

    Have a blessed week!

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  2. Quick, somebody stop her. She is sprouting like a wildflower. (I wouldn't dare call her a weed.)
    Really she looks so grown in these pictures, especially the ones in the Easter bonnet. She is adorable, and those little tiny sandals in the first shot just make me grin.

    And to think you are soon going to have more to love in your family.

  3. Good morning! How could you not love her? She's soo adorable. Those little pink sandals are darling! And there is nothing like a little sweet girl in her "Easter bonnet" haha. Enjoy your day!

  4. Ahhh... yesss... THERE she is! I anticipated a glimpse of her over Eastertime. Li'l dollbaby! Man! She sure is growing!

    Happy week!

  5. She's adorable...so pretty.

    And the iris is gorgeous too.


  6. Oh this is such a beautiful and dear post! Here is one of your moments to cherish and I can see that you have done just that!

    Happy Friday and wishing you a beautiful weekend-

  7. She is a doll....and you are so right about God's greatest gifts....flowers and children! I have five sweet grands..they are little blessings, growing up way too fast!


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