Monday, May 6, 2013

Postcards from the Road ~ Music, Friends, Food

The retirees left home Wednesday and stayed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area until today, when we pulled out and headed east. The Man and I have fond memories of the DFW area, from when twin sister lived there for 20 years, and we always enjoy returning.

Here are some highlights:

We attended the Gaither Fest concerts at the Ft. Worth Convention Center (amazing concerts, by the way, more like a church service).

As we were just getting into the convention center, I heard someone calling my name and did a happy dance when I saw it was my old friend, Anne. Anne and I have known each other since before marriage, and the odd thing is, we both live in the Houston area and yet we haven’t seen each other in a long time—as in years. But we came to a concert in another city and had a reunion. We've vowed to get together again after I get back home.

As you can see, Diesel is living the life of a spoiled dog. Nothing new there.

Sunday afternoon, we attended a Texas Ranger game and nearly froze to death.

This photo was taken from our seats. We were, literally, on the top row (no other seats to be found).

Sitting in the shade, with a cold north wind blowing hard on our necks the whole time, made us thankful we brought a blanket and hoodies. Our whole row looked like a line of Eskimos. The Rangers won, so yay!

On a side note, we planned to visit the just-opened George W. Bush Presidential Center, and drove there one day (on the gorgeous SMU campus), but it was quite cold, the line was down the street, and the wind doing about 30 mph that day. So, we decided to try another day, but when The Man got online to see about tickets, the time-frame we needed was not available. Ugh! We will plan to return another time.

As for this slice of pizza, it may well be the best pizza I ever ate. White cheeses, chicken, spinach, mushrooms, a truffle b├ęchamel sauce,  and a balsamic reduction. Yeah, baby. It came from a place called The Nodding Donkey, close to the SMU campus.

Until next time, sweet peeps, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Love this post. I didn't know you had a twin sister! Paul and I spent a weekend with the Gaither's last year in April. Stayed in Bill's childhood grandparent's home! it was so lovely. Just checking in to say hi!

    1. That's really special, Sandy, about staying in Bill's grandparent's home. Thanks for sharing that, and for stopping in.

  2. Whoa Nelly! That just ain't your mama's pizza pie! That looks delicious. I can't believe the stuff that folks come up with.

    It all sounds wonderful to me, especially the Gaither concert. I have only been to one of them, and I have long wanted to go back. (I don't think my man Guy Penrod sings at them any more, but I still want to go anyway.)

    I hope you do get back to the Bush Library. My daughter (the one in DC) watched the dedication at her office all day long and kept tweeting things about it. I missed most of it, but I saw some replay on TV. It looks wonderful. Just one more reason that I want to visit Texas some day.

    1. Hey, Debbie ... thanks for stopping by. You're right about that pizza, and it was so yummy!

      Guy Penrod doesn't sing with the GVB anymore, but they are still fabulous! As for the Bush Library, we will definitely return one day, Lord willing. It's only about four hours from home, so that makes it easy.

      I hope you get to Texas one of these days. Look me up, if you're ever in my woods.

  3. Um, here's me drooling over that pizza...oh sigh.


  4. It sounds like you're having a great time - and it's a good thing you packed some warm togs.


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