Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Postcards from the Road ~ What We Did Tuesday

Our plan was to take a horse-drawn carriage tour of Charleston yesterday, and we drove into town expecting to do so. But, as it turned out, we didn't. (That gives us another good reason to return to this area one day.) The Man wasn’t feeling 100%, and since the carriage companies were booked, one tour right after the other, they were packing them on four people to a seat—very tight quarters for someone still coughing and sneezing occasionally. We both felt it would be best to wait. (This photo was taken from one of the carriage companies' website.)

But we weren’t about to waste our final day in Charleston, so guess where we went? The library! It was quiet, quaint, peaceful, relaxing, and I could have stayed there until closing time, browsing through magazines, newspapers, and books. No matter what city we're in, the library is one of our favorite places to visit. For real.

From there, we went and had lunch at a place called Sticky Fingers, recommended by The Man’s brother for their BBQ ribs. The Man and I shared a combo plate of ribs and a pulled-pork sandwich. Yummy food, and the peach cobbler, scrumptious!

After lunch, my widening girth was screaming for relief, so The Man drove me to the Tanger Outlet Mall and turned me loose. Nothing like retail therapy to make you forget that your muffin-top has grown into a full-fledged loaf of bread, which I am artfully hiding in the photo above, thank you Michael Kors.

Later in the afternoon, I ambled around the campground, photographing the amazing roses growing throughout the grounds. They had mesmerized me since arriving. Every color you can think of. Simply magnificent! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen any roses more lovely than these, right out of the camera. Have you?

There is a peacefulness that comes in the evenings for campers. All of the day’s activities are done. After lingering outdoors a spell, if the weather is nice, you step inside and watch through the windows as the light fades.


This morning, we were up and at ‘em bright and early, breaking camp and waving goodbye to a charming city. So long, Charleston. We hope to visit you again.

As we rolled down the highway through a blue Carolina sky, I thanked the Lord for this opportunity, and for a seasoned chauffeur who makes everything in my world better.

We're often asked how Diesel does on long trips. His least favorite part of traveling is the moving part, but he does well and naps whenever he can. He's a good boy.

As I write, we are tucked in for the night in a quiet little camping spot in Augusta, Georgia, a place The Man drools over during The Masters golf tournament every year. Sadly, the golf course is closed to the public (unless you’re attending The Masters), and we were told you can’t even get close enough to the course to take a photo. Oh well, those are the breaks. Maybe one of these years The Man can be an attendee.

Lord willing, we will hit the road again tomorrow, aiming for Stone Mountain, where we plan to spend a few days. After that, who knows? In the words of Lao Tzu, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."

To all of you lovely kindred spirits who have stopped by and left thoughtful and/or helpful comments, your kindness warms my heart and makes me smile. And speaking of kindred spirits, I happened to notice today that I have lost a few somewhere along the way. It's something I don't pay much attention to, but I surely hope I've not offended anyone. My sincere apologies if I have.

Until next time, sweet friends, press on.



  1. Those Tanger outlet malls will get you every time! I read the Hubs your line about your muffin top turning into a full loaf of bread and we both had a good chuckle.
    I have a feeling the loss in followers may be a glitch as they prepare to close google reader. I've noticed the same thing. Not a lot but a few. People may be switching to follow in other ways already.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth ... perhaps you're right about the Google reader thing, and right about the outlet mall, too. :) And I'm happy to provide a good chuckle. HA!

  2. Oh Dayle, what a lovely day you described. You are having a wonderful road trip. I sure hope that the Man will start to feel 100 percent all better.

    I'd love a day like that! Have fun today, too! Susan

  3. So enjoy your posts from the road............... the pics of "Diesel" get me every single time!! Sooooooo... I had a good laugh and then drooled over your pictures of the roses!!! You gotta love a GOOD road trip!!! Blessings to both of you and hope "The Man' is feeling much better today!!! Terri

  4. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Check out Sunshine PenPals and join the fun!


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