Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Short and Sweet ~ The Best Sentences Ever Written

As a writer, my job is to paint a picture with words. Whatever I want the reader to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, or to feel, I only have the alphabet—26 little letters—to help me make it happen.

But when the editing is finished, and the lights have been dimmed, the best sentences ever written are, perhaps, the shortest ones: I love you. Please forgive me. Welcome home. Jesus loves you. Thank you. Lean on me. I forgive you. You did great. I’m praying for you. Can I help? I miss you.

And let's not forget I'm sorry, and I was wrong. These may well be the most powerful sentences ever, because they open the door to forgiveness, something we all need at one time or another.

Until next time, dear friends, I'd love to hear one of your favorite short and sweet sentences.



  1. I appreciate you. (I do. And it's one of my favorite short sentences.)

  2. Well done...I enjoyed happy...enjoy your day! : )

  3. I love you! (with meaning)
    I tell my girls, my husband and my Mom that everytime I write, email, visit, or talk on the phone at the end before leaving, closing, or hanging up.
    My girlfriend 's husband went to work one day and didn't come home that night. He had a stroke at work and she grieves to this day because she didn't tell him, "I love you!" as he walked out the door that morning.

  4. One of my favorite "parenting" sentences is: "I'm proud of you."

  5. Here's a true favorite short saying:

    "I love Dayle and her writing that touches the heart." Susan

  6. I love your writing. So many times it's just what I needed. I love you, dear friend.

  7. I would say the one my Hubby says to me quite often. " You do know how much I love you"

  8. What I say to my husband at the end of a long trip..."Take me home Country Road."...and he always does.
    I do wish I could write and convey a perfect message in a short and sweet style like you.

  9. I needed that.
    You are beautiful.
    I believe you.

    What a lovely post this was.

  10. "Here's your dessert." I think that's one of my faves for sure. :)

    Short and sweet is good advice, by the way. Seems I'm having to work on that all the time.

  11. I love you to the moon and back.
    Good job.

  12. The biggie at our house? You were right! lol And....What do YOU think about that?
    Thought provoking post, Dayle. xo Diana

  13. Very sweet post! We often say, "you're my special" and "you're my heart".

  14. "Grammy Loves You" ..... Those four grandchildren of mine hear that a LOT!!!!! :)

  15. Powerful, indeed! What an important message to keep and remember!
    So, I've been auditioning other candidates in my head, but can't think of anything that would top these. Thank you for reminding us, little things pack a big punch!

  16. As a writer I love this post. And the best sentences....definitely the ones you posted.

  17. I'm late to this so I don't know if you'll even see it, but in my whole life, one of the most soothing short sentences anyone ever said to me (and one that I have used myself since) was, "I did do that."

    It was said by my former pastor when I confronted him about something he was reported to have said. (It wasn't a mean comment really but something that he said in jest that had hurt my feelings.) He didn't even say, "I did say that." What he said instead acknowledged that his words had "done something." I don't know if this rambling makes sense, but I have never, ever forgotten it and walked away respecting him all the more.

    1. You're never too late here, my friend. I like your contribution very much. Food for thought.

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  19. Painting a picture with words is what you do best.
    My short sentences that fits every occasion: "Do the right thing".


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