Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thoughts of Home

I am back home, back to the place where unwinding comes easy, 

where I laugh the loudest, 

cry the hardest,

sleep the soundest,

feel the deepest, 

love the fiercest. 

It is where I collect my thoughts and spin them into sentences. 

It is where life happens, 

where challenges arise, 

where problems are solved,

where hearts break and mend again. 


It’s still the best place on earth.



  1. As much as I enjoy a trip here or there, there is ABSOLUTELY no place like home for me as well. What a lovely post.

  2. Dayle, that's how I feel, too! Beautifully said. I'm glad that you found me and I'm happily following you back-it's always a pleasure 'meeting' a fellow junk lover! :)

  3. Yes, it is. And knowing our true home will feel like that, only better, is a wonderful thing.

  4. The neighborhood just seems to be a nicer place when you're here, dear sister. :-)

  5. Bless you, Dayle, for sharing the fruit of your reflections in your retired life with us! Your reminders to slow down, smell the roses, and take joy in simple things is my heart's cry. It is a thing the Lord is trying to get me to give myself to at present - a sabbatical - but how hard it is to just STOP and not produce on purpose. I do need a vacation - visiting you makes that truth more acute. Galveston would be a good place to start - everything I love - antique shops for picking through, landscapes for refreshing, dream houses for inspiration - may go on the bucket list that is topped with the thatched roof cottage in the middle of the English countryside. For now, though - I echo you here - I am HOME and happy to be so for a while.

  6. Yes, you are so right, Dayle! :)

  7. Such true words, Dayle! I love the "loudest" part.

  8. Yes it is. Glad you made it home safely.

  9. Hi Dayle! Welcome home! How beautiful that you see your home as such a safe haven of rest, laughter and dreaming. Perfect!

    Happy Thursday,

  10. I love the way you put this. Yep, yep and yep. I feel the same!!! Welcome back home!

  11. Perfect - Welcome home! Loved seeing the photos in the previous posts, looks like some fun times for sure. Thank you for your comment regarding my son. Life sure is full of twists and turns. We're hangin' in there :)

  12. I can't agree more. After being away for 15 days, it sure is good to be home!

    - The Tablescaper

  13. I love to be HOME. Thanks Dayle for stopping by the garden tour.

  14. Amen! Tho' early mornings are my fav time of day, there's nothing like pointing my car west at day's end.


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