Monday, September 9, 2013

A Busy Week ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

Here at the retirement home, there are those weeks that drag by. Except for the usual routine activities, not a lot going on. Lately, though, the weeks have been busy ones.

Here's a look at how the last one unfolded.

I think I'll run it backwards this time, starting with Saturday when I went over to my sweet niece's apartment for a weekend of dog-sitting and house-sitting while she was out of town for Grandparents Day. The best thing about house-sitting (which happened to be my first time to do such a thing) is being told to make yourself at home. As you can see, I did precisely that.

Charlie girl was an angel the whole weekend. She loves her Aunt Dayle.

On Friday, The Man and I drove over to visit with the mama and the papa. This was my favorite image of the day. My sweet mother said, "I'm just going to close my eyes; it's so bright I can't open them." Isn't she darling?

I'm so blessed to have them still with me. 
I love them so much!

Thursday, The Man and I had both babies. It was a house full of sweetness, for sure. I'm not a youngster, which affects everything, but I had a whole new admiration for mothers with more than one child. Whew! One of the littles took a 3-hour nap, so that was nice. 

Are those shoes cute, or what?

Before the babies left, Unctan managed to capture a photo that echoed one from the past. (You know how I am with things like that.) It's remarkable, the resemblances of mommies and babies.

I’m cherishing every moment with both of them. I know how quickly the years go by, and there’s no promise of tomorrow.

I love this photo of sugar plum holding pie, her second cousin, to be exact. 

Speaking of sugar plum ... 

Would you look at the adorable outfit her mommy made her last week? 
Be still my heart.

Wednesday found it pie day at the retirement home. It was a day filled with naps, dozens of smiles, and a myriad of funny faces. Love this sweet baby so much! 

Pie's mommy is busily in pursuit of a new job, and that takes a lot of meetings and interviews and such things. Please help us pray that she lands the perfect job for her at this time in her life.

Well, that brings me back to the first of last week. My only clear recollection is bringing out the roses I'd been drying. I used to dry every bouquet of roses that came my way, but it had been a long time since I did that. I think these are almost as lovely dried as they were fresh.

Did I mention a royalty check? For all of $50.76. Don’t tell me there’s no money to be made in writing. (wink, wink) All jokes aside, the truly amazing thing is that after 11 years, this book is still in print, available as an eBook now, and still selling—just another sign of God’s unmerited favor to one such as I. Daily, I’m humbled by, and grateful for, His gifts. 

Until next time, dear kindred spirits, I trust your week is one filled with love and laughter. Thanks for keeping me company here. It means a lot.



  1. Remembering backwards is a great way of recalling the week!
    Your parents are so adorable. And your dad...well, all I can say is, remarkable!

    Thanks for taking us back(wards).

  2. Such sweet babies. Those two photos are remarkably alike!

  3. Your photos and your grand nieces and nieces are beautiful. That handmade outfit is especially cute, and how good to get a royalty check.

  4. Looks like a beautiful week and such adorable children.

  5. I love posts that are just quick glimpses, snippets, or scenes of our lives...this was perfect. The babies are just adorable, and your right, it is remarkable how much they resembles their mothers in that earlier photo. Love the little outfit too. And still getting royalty for me, haha. Enjoy your new week!

  6. It looks and sounds like your week was filled with lots of love. Your pics of your parents are especially adorable. I miss my mom & dad and you are blessed to still have them.

    Hope this week is as blessed as the last one!

  7. Sweet, sweet week! I can't get over how much "plum" resembles her mother at that age!
    Thanks for taking us along on the ride!

  8. Dear Dayle...Love, love, loved the photos. Oh my goodness. The resemblances with the little ones in the photos was amazing.

    And your Mama and Papa are so darling. No wonder your heart is so filled with love.
    Thanks for all your visits! Susan

  9. It's such a privilege to be asked to care for the little ones in our lives. I love the photos of you with your nieces and grandnieces. I am a fan of those 'now and then' photos too.

  10. You have a beautiful family. Those babies grow up so fast don't they. I have to say you have not changed much in those pictures with the babies. Good Genes.

  11. What a wonderful post, Dayle...full of love of family and beautiful faces. You look as beautiful today as you did with your nieces. God bless your Mama and Daddy. They are lovely at this age. xo Diana

  12. Hi Dayle! You are such a wonderful babysitter! And those shoes are beautiful!

    Hey, money is money, right? What a gift that your book still is selling, still inspiring.

  13. I love those comparison pics (modern-day vs. yesteryear) and I'm still struck by how little you've changed! One day, you need to share your anti-aging secrets!

  14. Oh what a neat post- what a sweet lady you are - and you have such a wonderful blog. Thank you for your visit! I am your newest follower too. God bless!

    Sure hope it cools off too - 90 today and so humid one is nearly able to cut the air with a knife. Yuck, hate this kind of heat, but still glad to be breathin'.

  15. Spending time with family is always special! Hope you have a wonderful week my friend!

  16. Your parents are so sweet, Dayle. Love that one of them in the swing. And the nieces and grand-nieces photos are amazing! You haven't changed one iota in 27 years! Beautiful.

  17. Love all of the pics, especially the comparison one. So precious! And I'm glad Charlie loves her Aunt Dayle and that her Aunt Dayle loves Charlie. :-)

  18. I love your reference to your "retirement home".
    It says so much in two little words.

    Heading off to look up your book . . .

  19. Such sweet photos! Love the one of your parents and the one of the very soft baby and the one of the comparison and... well let's just say I think your family is adorable!

  20. Oh the photos are great! And oh how I love that outfit. I want one...LOL :) Kit


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