Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet September, and a Glance Back

September has arrived, sneaking up on me yet again. I love September. It's the month that ushers in my favorite time of year—the glorious and intoxicating season of autumn. (But I promise, no pumpkin photos for awhile.) It will be a few weeks before the breeze cools down here in my little woods. So, today, I'm looking back at a few of the many gifts of August.

Sugar plum and pie.

The grandest little nieces in the world!

My beautiful daughter and my precious bonus grandson.

My amazing parents came to visit (yes, dear Daddy is driving).

My lovely daughter, leaving her house on her first day at a new job. She fills my world with warmth and goodness.

Until next time, dear ones, may these sweet September days find you slowing down the pace, enjoying the ones you love. The holidays will be here before you know it.



  1. Dayle,

    I noticed your header right's lovely! I love old books. Like you, I will wait a while to decorate for autumn...too hot here in NC, although a cooler breeze is blowing today and the forcast for the weekend sounds more like fall! Your family pics ares are precious... thanks for sharing :)

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Dayle,
    Beautiful photos of your family. The weather last evening was just glorious wasn't it? I couldn't help but to slow down, took a little walk in the woods and enjoyed sitting outside for a while last night. Just perfect!
    Nice to see that your dad is getting back to some of the normal things in life.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. love the pictures! We are still sizzling over here for a while yet too...but! I have drug out my pumpkins, haha. If I waited for weather changes over here, it'd be Christmas! Enjoy your day!

  4. What a beautiful family you have. Your nieces are just darling and I love the picture of your daughter headed off to work. She is beautiful girl. How nice to see your Dad driving especially after his past medical issues. God is good- xo Diana

  5. I, too, welcome September with open arms. We are still waiting for the cool down but I know it is coming soon here in sunny CA. Looking forward to those pumpkin pics. I love all things pumpkin come this October:) Thanks so much for visiting Inking the Heart! I am happy to repay you the visit and see your beautiful pictures of those most precious to you. Love, Rachael

  6. Fall brings change and I have to mention your Header, I like it!

    It looks like August was a great month for you, especially that your Dad is driving! He looks great, by the way.

    Is your daughter a teacher? Congratulations on her new job.

    The nieces will grow up being almost like sisters. They have some really great role models.

    1. Christine, my daughter isn't a teacher, and with the way schools have changed in the past few years, with security issues, etc., I'm really glad she isn't.

  7. Lovely post, Dayle. Imagine that Daddy of yours! Driving. God bless that sweet man. And the sugar plum and pie? Darling and darling. Oh, and your daughter----so pretty! What a wonderful job you have done as a Mama. Have a great Thursday! Sincerely, Susan

  8. Yea for your daddy ... driving n' looking GOOD!
    Your Anna is so lovely, Dayle. I think it's nice that she works in an environment where their associates dress so nicely!

  9. Sweet photos - each a slice of a moment in time.

  10. Hi Dayle! Your daughter looks so professional. You must be so proud of her ;)

  11. Your daughter is positively gorgeous! What a beauty, inside and out! It looks like her step-son is head over heels in love with her, too! God's so good.



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