Monday, October 28, 2013

Back To the Familiar

After three weeks away, and a host of pleasant adventures, I'm home again, back to the ordinary things and routines that make up my little world, back to the people who mean so much.

I have coffee brewing and pajamas may be the fashion of the day. Unloading can wait. Laundry can wait. Right now, I’m home, and the couch is calling.

Until next time, sweet friends, in the words of Confucius, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." And when you return, may you find joy and comfort in the familiar things that surround you.



  1. It's always fun to go on a road trip, wherever it might take you. But home sure does look good again upon returning.
    Mary Alice

  2. Home is where the heart is. Traveling is fun, yes, but there's nothing quite like returning to the homestead, and to all things familiar...



  3. Glad you are home safe and sound! There is nothing quite like the feeling of home is there? And nothing says it better than your lovely quilt collection :)

  4. There's nothing like coming home, is there? Enjoy!

  5. The comfort in familiar things is one of life's blessings.

  6. Oh wow ... what I've missed! Sorry to have been delinquent; things on this end have been chaotic. First, I'm absolutely n awe of the Smoky Mountains. (Note to self to add to bucket list!) There were a couple places I said to myself, "Gosh, I hope Heaven looks like this!" That banana pudding with macadamias? Sounds heavenly! All in all, a sweet adventure ... I'm lucky to have been privy ... thank you, and WELCOME HOME!

  7. Well, welcome home! I enjoyed your travelogue, and now you can be at home and at rest. (I spent the morning in pajamas myself. Just got back from visiting my son and his family!)
    Love that Confucius quote. So true!


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