Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Poignant Memories of Autumn ~ A Repeat

See the picture frame on the left with the two leaves displayed in it? If you could see the back, you’d see this note: "Leaves picked by Anna – Nov. 1992."

Anna Marie is my daughter, pictured here among autumn's leaves, with her beloved Princess, November 1992. She was six when she came into the house and carefully presented these two maple leaves to her father.

I didn’t know much about preserving leaves, but I folded a paper towel around them and slipped them inside a book. Later, I placed them in this frame to bring out and remember again during the autumns that followed. 

My lovely daughter is grown up now, but every time I look at these two leaves, I still see her as she was then. And I find myself humming the poignant song, "Autumn Leaves." 

If you’ve never listened to the late Eva Cassidy’s rendition, you’re in for a treat. One of the purest voices I’ve ever heard. It will WOW you. Oh, and if you miss anyone in autumn (or anytime, really), you might need a tissue nearby.

For an insight into the recording of this song, click here.

This post originally appeared November 20, 2009. It somehow seemed appropriate to re-post on this second day of October, 2013.


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  1. Well, this might be a repost but I didn't see it back then. That song is soul wrenching and Autumn has always been bittersweet to me. Love those leaves in the frame-How very sweet. xo Diana

  2. This is so beautiful Dayle. So glad you reposted it since back in 2009, I didn't know what a blog was :)

  3. Hi Dayle...

    I can see where your heart overflowed from the get-go with that beautiful daughter of yours. How wonderful you still have the leaves!

    Love the song by Eva Cassidy. She was such a marvelously talented singer. To die so young was tragic but at least she left a wonderful musical legacy.

    Thanks for sharing. Susan

  4. I absolutely love all things autumn ... my favorite! So glad you re-posted this.... that video is, indeed, poignant. I could listen again and again!


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