Thursday, October 24, 2013

Turning Toward Home ~ Postcards from the Road

Hand me a Kleenex, our road trip is winding down. As you've heard it said, all good things must come to an end. 

We left Pigeon Forge on Monday, but before we did, I snapped a picture of the cutest little vintage trailer across the way from where we were parked. Don't you just love it? I kept waiting for someone to be "home," so I could ask to see inside (campers are nice like that), but our schedules never synced up.

I took a walk and gathered this vibrant trio of leaves. I wrapped a paper towel around them and have them pressed in the pages of a book. Hopefully, they will make the trip home in one piece, and serve as reminders of our time here.

We've been in Chattanooga since Monday. On Tuesday, we boarded the Incline Railway and spent time on Lookout Mountain. We've been here a number of times before, but never rode the railway up the mountain. I thought the ride might be a little scary, but it wasn't. The views are spectacular, everywhere you turn. Lookout Mountain was the site of a Civil War battle, a subject The Man knows everything about, and then some.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we will start the homeward journey, one day at a time. It's been a most enjoyable trip, and I'm grateful to God for this opportunity. 

Until next time, dear friends, thanks so much for sharing this time with me. I trust I have not bored you with too many photos and details.



  1. I love when cute and vintage are in the same sentence.

    Your photos over the last few posts are amazing.
    All those colors are amazing and comforting rolled into one.

  2. Enjoyed taking this trip with you! The trailer IS darling! Travel safe!

  3. Dayle,
    I am never bored with any of your posts...just so you know. My husband and I traveled down the Incline on our honeymoon 37 years ago! It sounds like your trip was fabulous! Safe travels home!


  4. What a cute vintage trailer! It would have been neat to see the inside.

    What a beautiful time you have had and those fall colors and the scenery are wonderful.

    Have a safe trip home, enjoying the rest of your drive.


  5. Safe travels to you! Loved the photos, so glad you had such a wonderful time :)

  6. Cute trailer, lovely leaves, and a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing these last wonderful photos from your trip!

  7. I have fond memories of Lookout Mountain, too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.

  8. It took me just a second to recognize the name-LOL- Collection of Days? Huh? Who? What? Ohl, yes, Blondie- you know who it is -

    Safe journey for the rest of your trip. I bet homecoming is very bittersweet-leaving all that nomadic beauty behind- xo Diana

  9. What a cute trailer. Have a safe trip home!

  10. Praying for safe travels as you journey home. Thank you for all the beautiful photo's. We enjoyed the trip with you through your blogs! You never bore me. Blessings!! Carol

  11. I so enjoyed your trip. The colors are just beautiful. I wish the leaves on my trees were fall colors.
    I am following your blog on Bloglovin.
    Smiles, Dottie

  12. Beautiful pictures. The picture of the river is spectacular. I have very fond memories of this area. The last family vacation I had with my parents was at Pigeon Forge.

  13. More pics, more pics! Especially of that cute camper interior! I want one♥


  14. Your postcards are such a fun way to capture some memories from on the road!


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