Saturday, November 2, 2013

Finding Sweet Gifts in Stillness

After an extended trip away from home, the best part of returning is seeing those near and dear to my heart, especially the little ones who are growing like weeds.

On Tuesday, I looked into pie's sleeping face and saw the exquisite handiwork of God.

On Wednesday, when Julian tried on his souvenir jacket, and played a tentative tune on the wooden flute that we brought back from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, I sensed heaven's angels were all ears.

And whenever sugar plum asked, just as she settled into the pillow on the couch, "Aunt Dayle, would you sing me a lullaby?" her sweet voice sounded like the gentle voice of God.

Such moments can catch us off-guard, a dozen distractions vying for our attention, and, if we aren't careful, we will let them slip away. 

But when we stop and take time to be still, to look, to listen, such moments become golden threads in an otherwise ordinary day.

On Saturdays, Sandy asks, "Have you seen something this week that caused you to gasp in wonder? Have you been caught in a slice of time when you saw His beauty or sensed His presence?" And she invites you to share your findings, with no pressure to add words, or even to comment. As she puts it, "Simply take time to gaze long and drink deep."

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  1. Dear Dayle
    These little angels are surely our Pappa's gift of grace and love. When we look at their innocence and blind trust in us, we can understand why our Lord told us that we will never enter His Kingdom unless we become like little children. It breaks my heart to think how many people want nothing to do with their Heavenly Father because of the abuse they suffered from the hands of their earthly ones.
    Blessings XX

  2. Lovely, just lovely! I could sit and gaze at that last picture for hours, praying that I rest like that in the Father's love. Children, even in their sleep, have much to teach us.
    Sylvia @

  3. Hi Dayle! Sometimes being away helps me to see how many blessings there are in my own back yard. You have a lot of blessings! Thank you for sharing these gifts of grace, given to you by our Lord.

    Happy Weekend :)

  4. Sleeping babies are the best, they are so perfect and peaceful... wonderful pictures.

  5. Beautiful Precious. & priceless. Thank you for capturing these blessings & sharing!!

  6. Such joy we receive from the children God has placed in our lives! It is a great gift.

  7. You inspired me to write a locus. *smile*


    The joy of children occupied
    should always with a soul abide
    and be the feeling very good,
    in power not, but understood.

    (The poem is published | here |.)

  8. What precious images of these sweeties. There is nothing more beautiful to look at than a sleeping child. I know you missed them so much while you were on your trip. Have a blessed week, friend :)

  9. Precious reminders! You're so blessed!
    Wishing you a beautiful new week :)


  10. How right you are! We had our granddaughter spend a recent weekend with us and instead of visiting a grand pumpkin patch and pulling her through the crowds, we got down to her level and spent quality time "playing". There's nothing sweeter!

    Precious photos of the special little ones in your life. :)


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