Friday, November 8, 2013

Truth ~ It Will Find You

Sooner or later, truth comes to us all. It may be the truth that our hips have widened beyond the favorite skirt in the closet, or the truth that our father is lying on his death bed.

Truth can be pushed away, to be reckoned with on a later day. We can build a facade, live behind a disguise that belies the truth. We can even fool those around us into thinking our false reality is true, but we cannot fool ourselves.

Truth cannot be denied. It always catches up with us.

When the my fertility specialist told me he’d done all he could do, that after five years of surgeries and treatments, and countless prayers, I would never give birth, and that, due to multiple factors, a hysterectomy was most likely in my future, I stumbled out of his office and drove home in denial.

But a few painful months later, on a rainy September day, I knelt alone in a dark prayer room and opened my hands in surrender. The time had come to embrace my truth. And when I did, peace filled me up to the brim, a peace I’d not known for many years. Even through the heartache and pain that came later, peace remained. God had a better plan in mind.

Running only leads to exhaustion, but when we embrace our personal truths—even the ugly ones—we can make peace with them. And when we do, the struggle inside eases. The door opens wide for a miracle.  The way becomes clear.


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(A fun side-note: Not only did I write this in five minutes, I did it with my sleeping great-niece in my arms, the one I call pie. Speaking of miracles ...)

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  1. Embracing the truth does bring peace and comfort. I loved your statement that by embracing the truth, the door opens wide for a miracle. Thank you for sharing your heart today! (Visiting from FMF)

  2. Listening to these words with an open heart today . . .

  3. Sometimes the truth sinks in little by little and other times it hits like a hard slap to the face. I have experienced both but am still learning that no matter which way it's presented, I don't want to be deceived, no matter how good it might feel temporarily. Thank you, Dayle, for sharing your truth.

  4. I can only imagine how very painful that truth must have been for you, Dayle. It wonders me sometimes why our lives turn out so very differently than we thought they would. I know you have been blessed in many ways even though it may not have been in the way you expected when you were a very young woman.

    This is a wonderful testimony to the workings of God in your life, Dayle. Thank you for sharing that here- xo Diana

  5. I know what you say is true ,but it is so hard. When my husband had cancer and we came to the day that that we knew in our hearts that the Lord had said no to his healing . It was hard and today it is still hard.... I so miss him ... I really do.

  6. Oh Dayle, so beautiful. It's only when we embrace the truth, although painful at times, that we can truly be free and walk in peace.

  7. Dear Dayle
    Yes, the joy of surrendering to God and receiving the living Truth, our Lord Jesus, is truly beyond what this world can offer us!
    Blessings XX

  8. Good words. You can disguise the truth to others, perhaps, but you can't change the truth.

  9. Great teaching! May we find the courage to deal with the truth rather than stuffing it down inside of us. Visiting from The Weekend Brew this morning. Blessings!

  10. God is so awesome....I've been struggling with a few things lately and then you and your blog show up in my world. Your words have hit right at the heart of some of my struggles. God sends people in your path at just the right thanks for that........and that's the truth....:)

  11. It take such courage some times to face the truth and also to speak the truth. Beautiful reminder here of the importance of embracing it. Blessings and thank you for visiting Inking the Heart! Love, Rachael

  12. Bonito lugar para descansar... Un beso desde Murcia

  13. Oh gosh, what can I say that hasn't been uttered above? We're so blessed to read your words and be comforted by them.
    Tonight, I'm praying for your own comfort, Dayle, to see you through your father's journey.


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