Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Year of Less ~ Where to Begin?

Well, we’re nine days into 2014 already. The year began a bit rocky, but the retirees have learned, pretty much, how to roll with the punches around here. Through it all, God is good and we are blessed.

There was a week of cold weather and extra cold weather. It isn't often we see below freezing temps for consecutive days or nights in our parts, but we did and I loved every minute of it. Such weather only made the hot drinks and blazing fire even more inviting. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who may be experiencing severe winter conditions. I'm grateful that I've always lived in the South.

In recent days, the girl has taken a bit of a hiatus from social media, and the world in general. There are times when I have to step away from the noise, hit the pause button, and just breathe. 

I didn’t make New Year's resolutions, but I have managed to accomplish something I set out to do months ago: I've memorized the cell phone numbers of six close relatives. Aren’t I something?

In my last post, I boldly declared 2014 as the year of less. By that, I mean less clutter, less photo taking (I'm still a year behind in scrapbooking), less eating, less clothes in my closet, and I haven't even mentioned less complaining, less doubting, less whining. The list goes on.

The question remains: Where to start? 

No doubt you'll be thrilled to know that my walk-in closet in the hallway is now less cluttered. It's a tiny space, but you gotta start somewhere, right? My sights are now set on my office, where clutter seems to multiply without notice. I may well take the contents of a two-drawer filing cabinet and dump it straight into a garbage bag. 

Can you tell I mean business?

As for the less clothes in my closet. I just happened to read an article recently that stated (I'm not making this up) that you should limit your closet to 40 hangers. What on earth?

Curiosity got the best of me so I went into my side of the master bedroom closet and started counting. The grand total was 171 and that isn't counting the clothes that need washing and hanging up. Have mercy on me.

I feel certain that I will always have more than 40 hangers in my closet, but, clearly, something must be done and I know precisely what it is.

How about you? How are you coming along in the new year?

Until next time, sweet peeps, keep the home fires burning. 



  1. My daughter and I did a complete cleaning/purge on our entire house just before Christmas - every drawer, closet, shelf, etc. Wow - what a pile of bags we had for Good Will. I finally feel like my house is clean!! Good luck - you'll be glad you did it when you're done. (I don't think I'm down to 40 hangers tho....)

  2. I am doing the same thing, Dayle. I don't know why but all of a sudden I feel the excess weight of EXCESS! I have started in the basement and worked down there all day- sorting Christmas and dumping several things that no longer mean a thing to me or anyone else. It is freeing,isn't it? Keep it up and I will, too!!!! xo Diana

  3. ps...40 hangers? Ummmm....ain't gonna happen, honey chil' xo Diana

  4. I'm neck deep in paper clutter right now from a two-drawer file cabinet that hasn't been purged in who know how long. It's strewn all over the living room floor, but I'm shredding as I go and it feels marvelous. Since the office area is in our breakfast nook/kitchen area I'm heading for the kitchen next then the sewing/school room. I hope the new paper shredder holds up. The hangers? I would be close for my clothes. I fold most of mine, though.

  5. I love living with less, and doubt that I have more than 40 hangers in my closet. My next project is my new/old desk which has quickly become a mess. xo Laura

  6. Wow...40 hangers, huh? I doubt that would ever happen in my closet either. But I will say that taking a room at a time works best for me...the times when I do this. I lose my ambition (because it is SO overwhelming) when I have this "great plan" of purging the whole house. I have this nightmare every now and again that something will happen to me and I leave this mess behind for someone else to clean up. Although I would never know what they might think or say, it bothers me...the "legacy" I would be leaving behind. You said it best..."have mercy on me." I MUST do better! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I think I'll join you in your quest for less.

  8. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

  9. Less is good. I've been slowly working on that over the past 3-4 years. And it may take me another 3-4 to complete the chore. I think I'm going to have to try that 40 hangers thing. I'm pretty sure I don't have more than 40 things that I actually like wearing and that fit me.


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