Monday, March 3, 2014

Scenes from a Blessed Life ~ Swiftly Flow the Days

Hear it is March already, but I'm still thinking of February and the countless gifts it held, so here's a look back.

Home is where hugs and good food await, where love and laughter dwell. Spending time with the mama and the papa grows sweeter and richer with each visit.

Last Saturday evening, I barged in over at Nonnie's house and enjoyed an impromptu visit with pie, one of my adorable grandnieces. That space in my heart, the one that's reserved just for her, was filled right up as I breathed in her cuteness and charm.

It goes without saying that pie is growing and changing so quickly, as babies tend to do. Would you just look at her? That toothy grin, bearing no less than six teeth, is priceless.

Friday was a busy day with our precious sugar plum, my other grandniece. As you can see, we did a little bit of everything, including trying on eyeglasses while Uncle Stan made his selection of new frames. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, as there were many, but high on the list was when she fell asleep on my shoulder, something she hasn’t done since she was a wee thing. 

As I consider the past month, and the moments that came out of it, I see that time stops for no one. This is not a new revelation, but one that always brings a bittersweet ache for all of the things that were and are and will be. I'm reminded of the wistful lyrics: “Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly flow the days.”

Sweet friends, I feel so blessed that you visit me here. The sight of your faces, along with your genuine words and comments, make me realize how lucky I am. So, thank you, from my heart.

P.S. Remember when I posted about 2014 being the "year of less" for me? Well, I will have an update soon. You won't believe it. Stay tuned.


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  1. Yes, February gone very fast. Wish you a very happy and blessed March ahead...

  2. What precious children. They are definitely our greatest blessings as they continue our families. xo Laura

  3. What sweet and adorable pictures!!


  4. The year is flying by, isn't it? Such sweet family photos....can't believe how fast those little girls are growing!

  5. Sometimes I feel a real and deep ache in my heart for how swiftly time flies. I really don't know how those who don't have the hope of eternal life cope with how fleeting and swift this life is.


  6. What precious a precious photo of your mom and dad. Spending time just being together is priceless.

    I love the toothy grin! Do you know Ava is 19 months old and has two teeth on top and four on the bottom? BUT she's cutting no less than six teeth right now and is miserable.

  7. Lots of lovely family moments. Yes, time seems to be rushing by so quickly these days. 24 hours just never is long enough for me to do and see and be. :) Happy March, Tammy

  8. Looking for your "year of less" update. I'm still working on my "year of balance".

    As for your sugar plum and pie diet? I would say that would be the perfectly balanced diet for me. Can't wait to have it someday.

    (Aren't you tickled by the word play there? Please say yes. I'm rather proud of it. Grin.)

    1. I love that play on words, Debbie. I'm often in a sugar coma after being with those two.

  9. Hi Dayle! I know it seems like my grandchildren just grow and grow...and I never age! (I wish!). Your nieces are so lucky to have you, you look like you had such a fun outing! And isn't it nice that they still have those coin-op rides? I loved those as a kid, and my children looked forward to KMart, because they knew there would be a horse just for them.

    Looking forward to your news :)

  10. Precious photos of precious moments. Wishing you the same for March!

  11. I actually bust out laughing at her toothy grin! What a cutie! They both are but that pic is priceless :)


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