Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Niece's Apartment, Where I've Been and What I've Been Doing

My niece moved into a new apartment recently. As a single mother, it's perfect for her and my grandniece—the one I call pie. Not only is it functional, it is quite lovely, just like the people who live there.

It might surprise you to know that I, a happy retiree since 2008, am spending these days in April being the daily caregiver of pie. Our time together will come to a close at the end of the month, but I'm enjoying myself immensely. I find I am plumb giddy every morning on the drive over, anxious to see that sweet, little face again.

While pie was sleeping (she naps twice daily), I took the opportunity to snap some photos of my niece's dwelling. Although she hasn't finished the decorating phase in the bedrooms, here's a look at some of the other areas of her beautiful place.

I love the simplicity of her living room. Two large doors open up to a roomy patio, flooding the room with light, giving it an airy feeling.

The fireplace does double duty, as it opens up into the dining area, as well.

Here's one corner of her beautiful kitchen. All of her roosters are right at home.

Pie's play yard is simply amazing. Perfect for when you can't keep up with a speeding crawler.

I enjoy getting in with her and interacting. Here we are reading about Big Bird.

Without a doubt, there's nothing more rewarding than spending time with a little one. The best part of my day, every day, looks much like the photos below.

As if one pile of sugar was not enough, I invited sugar plum (my other grandniece) over one day last week.

What fun we had on the patio while pie was sleeping. Later, she let me play with her hair, then fell asleep on the drive home.

Oh, what joy these babies bring to me. My heart overflows with love.

Until next time, dear friends, if I'm scarce in blogland again, just know I'm squeezing sweet moments out of each and every day. And if you, like me, get the opportunity to enter a child's world for a day, or 30, go for it with all you've got.



  1. Hi Dayle! That's an apartment?? It's looks like a house...what a find! Love the fireplace and the play-yard too. Great idea for that busy little one, as you said. Your niece is blessed to have such a wonderful aunt to rely on for babysitting. You love her so!

    That hairstyle that you did on Sugar Plum is so fun :) I love the sweeping pieces all criss-crossed. You are having a blast, aren't you! Enjoy your family time. You are a busy and blessed person :)

  2. Oh I can clearly see why you are soo enjoying this. What a little doll she is. Nothing like a day with a sweet little one. I am loving too how the fireplace opens in both rooms. How neat that would be. I bet your niece is beside herself with her good fortune of having you care for her daughter. It just doesn't get much better. Enjoy these days!

  3. Nonni is grateful her grandchild has you for the next few weeks. I know for sure that nothing erases weariness like her sweet little smile.

  4. Precious, precious moments for sure, Auntie Dayle...enjoy your time with those babies! And what a lovely apartment she had me at the double-sided very cool!

  5. So precious! I think the reason God knew to give me boys is because I can't do hair! Your "do" is quite the fancy rage!

  6. Oh Dayle, what a darling doll you are caring for. And your sweet pea is a precious petunia, too. Why is the child care going to end soon? Perhaps your niece's schedule is changing.

    How lucky Pie is to have such a loving auntie.

    I know how wonderful it is to spend time with the little ones. Makes our hearts soar. I adore my one little 17 month old grandbaby, too.

    Thanks for sharing such sweetness and have FUN! (I know you will.) Susan

    1. Susan, with all of the traveling we do, as retirees, and I'm not the strongest of the strong, I am not able to make a long-term commitment, but it sure is tempting.

  7. What a great looking place-simple enough for a child but adult enough for your niece to feel like an adult. Love her taste. Those two little girls are just darling. What a blessing to have them in your life, Dayle! xoDiana

  8. Love this, Dayle. I spent a few minutes with Ava today while Nora was at dance. She was so upset that she didn't get to go to ballet, too. She was wearing her dancing garb and running around the yard picking flowers with me. I kept thinking I need my camera, but I would not spoil the moment for anything. You are making sweet memories with those babies. Have fun! I know you will.

  9. What a lovely little abode and a darling little sweetie "PIE". :)

  10. Precious pictures and sweet memories!! Children are such a great blessing!


  11. I'm over-the-moon 'in like' with that 2-sided fireplace. ... But mostly, I'm taken with tiny Pie's flaxen hair. How precious are your Spring days!

  12. I love the pop-of-color in the living room. Just enough.

  13. The nick- names of your precious nieces are adorable!
    This time is really special and the bond will be forever.

  14. I'm scarce in Blog Land too. That's why it took me so long to see this post. I'm so glad that I happened to scroll down after reading your most recent one and see this. I love snooping in on your family. I admit it.

    I love the apartment, and BOTH of your grandnieces are just beautiful to me. I love the way you love them. I get it too. If I'm ever blessed to be a great aunt, I will be as tickled as I would (will hopefully...) be to be a grandmother. I couldn't love my own nieces more if I they were my "own". I have a feeling you feel the same.

  15. Oh Dayle, I totally get it. There’s nothing that infuses joy into our lives than being in the presence of innocent little babies. I’m so happy you get to spend such quality moments with Pie. I have a similar photo of my son sleeping in his crib that makes me teary now. When I think back to those years I feel incredibly grateful and reading your post reminds me that someday—God willing—I’ll have grandbabies to love too. I actually forget that fact. I’m still living in the midst of these typical college years with my boys when I’m collecting lots of gray hairs and praying like crazy. 
    Wishing you a blessed Easter with your family.

  16. I remember those play yard days! Mine was just like that, though white. It lasted until my youngest discovered he could lift it and crawl under.

    I noticed this is from two years ago. How are they doing now?

    1. Hi, Sandi,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, this is hard to believe it's been two years since this post, but time really does fly. Sadly, my niece decided to separate herself from our family about a year ago. It was sudden and without explanation. I miss her and my pie so very much, more than words can express. I will always carry sweet images of them in my heart.

    2. Sugar plum is still in my life, for which I am so grateful. She is growing so fast and is finishing up kindergarten this week.

    3. Good for Sugar Plum! :) Count up, not down, as they say.

      We've had estrangements in our family off and on over the years, so I understand (kinda...) but my heart aches at this news. Praying for reconciliation in your family, and mine.



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