Monday, April 14, 2014

The Gardens of my Dreams

Saturday was a perfect morning for capturing God’s handiwork, and the hard work of the people who design, plant, and maintain these gardens at Mercer Arboretum. 

If you’re ever in my neck of the woods in the springtime, don't miss it. It’s free, and I’m lucky it’s just a skip and a hop from home.

Now, I'll be quiet so you can take a walk with me through this amazing place. All of the photos are straight out of the camera. God's colors need no enhancing. I had a favorite spot, as you will probably notice.


If you love dreamy garden photos as much as I do, may I recommend this delightful book?

It is not only filled with photographs of world-renowned photographers, but contains 24 essays about the ups and downs of gardening. 

I'm honored to have been asked to contribute to this timeless book, on one of my favorite subjects—gardening. There's just something about the act of gardening that is hard to explain. It opens up a channel inside of me that seems to reach from earth to heaven. I feel closer to the Creator in my garden than I do in a cathedral. If you're a gardening girl, like me, I know you will love this book as much as I do. 

Until next time, dear friends, I trust spring is bringing warmth and color to your world. Thank you for stopping by and keeping me company here. 


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  1. Those photos are breathtakingly lovely! I think one of the most amazing things God created was color - and I am so grateful to be able to see them and take them all in!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.


  2. Oh my...not really enough words in my vocabulary to describe the beauty here. I saw the snapdragons...they remind me of my mom because she always had them...I planted some in her honor over the weekend. Thank you for sharing this vision, Dayle! Have a blessed Holy Week!

  3. One of my favorite spots to unwind and focus on lovely things. Gorgeous colors!

  4. P. S. The swing in the last picture is where I often go during lunch and sit a spell. Love the fragrance of all the blooms!

  5. That's just glorious, Dayle. I love flowers so much.

  6. That garden is really beautiful, Dayle. How lucky that it is that close to your house---and even luckier that you have things blooming already. We got more snow today-ugh.

    I have a gardener's soul although I am not a well-trained gardener. I plant what I love and prefer sweeping banks of color-much like you show here. This yard has never been fully developed and I really hope to work on it this Spring & Summer.

    I have not seen/heard of that book. I am going to look for it! xo Diana

  7. Wow! Awesome thank you for sharing. Absolutely beautiful. God is so good!

  8. What a wonderful tour, Dayle. It was really breathtaking.

    Congrats on the inclusion in the garden book. It looks wonderful. Susan

  9. Hi Dayle! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos...the colors!! I just love the deep and vibrant colors. It gives me hope that spring is not far away. We had snow yesterday. This is getting a bit tiring, let me tell you.
    Congratulations on the invitation to add to the book. You will have so much fun doing that!
    Happy Easter,

  10. Beautiful.

    I recently ventured alone to our botanical gardens and strolled in complete silence. It was just what the doctor ordered around here. (And I'm not even a gardener!)

  11. So, so lovely! I'm going to try and find that book for my DIL. I just realized how fortunate I am to get ideas for the 'perfect' gifts just by paying attention to one another!

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed Easter!

  12. We've just lost our layer of snow and the trees are still barren. This was a lovely visual respite.


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