Thursday, June 26, 2014

Postcards from the Road ~ Scenes from a Blessed Life

When The Man and I rolled out of town on June 9th, we weren’t sure how long we’d be gone and now a week has turned to two and we are still here, finding joy in the peaceful surroundings and slow days in a city we’ve come to know and love in the last three decades.

I'm sure I've told you before, but our first trip to the lovely San Antonio was in 1980 (our honeymoon destination) and there isn't much we've not done or seen in these here parts. 

On Tuesday, we visited again the magnificent must-see Japanese Tea Garden. There's no entry fee and its history is rich, dating back more than 90 years. Yes, the carving says, "Chinese Tea Garden," but that's all part of the history. It is currently undergoing renovations, but is expected to be complete during the summer months. If you go to San Antonio, don't leave without seeing this unique and peaceful place.

It was here at these very gardens that my in-laws strolled around during their honeymoon in 1947, a fact I still find fascinating.


Yesterday, I woke at daylight to the sound of rain, not the soothing rain that lulls you back to sleep, but a heavy rain accompanied by blasts of thunder so loud you could feel it under your feet. I crawled out of bed and found The Man already awake, a quilt wrapped around him on the sofa. He was trying to find a weather update but the DirecTV signal kept coming and going.

I do enjoy an occasional stormy day. I know that doesn't surprise you since I’ve made mention of it aplenty in previous conversations. While it rained, I looked out at the trees and the neighboring campers on the left, who for unknown reasons had the door of their RV wide open. I could see them sitting at a table playing a game of cards.

I jotted down my recent thoughts in a journal, and prayed for friends and family who are in need. I made a pot of strong coffee, and while the grits I’ve been craving simmered their way to done, I cracked two eggs in a skillet and found a certain pleasure in their sizzle.

I love the experiences that RV camping brings, and I am grateful to God for His undeserved favor in allowing us this opportunity. We don’t take it for granted.

There are days when having Diesel along for the ride grates on my last nerve, and then there are days when I’m grateful he is here, because he and The Man are very best friends. And sometimes, you just need the company of a friend, one who loves you unconditionally and thinks you hung the moon.

To show you what I mean when I say it was a stormy, rainy morning, the top photo is what this area (just feet from our campsite) looked like after the storm broke; the bottom photo is what it looked like  the day before. The water has completely covered the walking path and spilled out onto the grassy banks.

More rain is predicted. Should we need to evacuate, we will seek higher ground, but as I write the sun is shining and children are out riding their bikes. I have opened a window and can see the swollen Salado Creek flowing swiftly to places unknown. New neighbors have just rolled in across the way, and I have laundry that needs to be dealt with.

As you can see, there's not much of great interest to share these days, but I wanted to stop in and say hello and see how you are doing, now that summertime has arrived.

Until next time, dear friends, I hope you are well and that your worries are few.



  1. Ah, the rain, the calm, the joy. Thanks for the postcard from a blessed life.

    Here's a howdy back at you from Malaysia.


  2. The photo of your in-laws is precious! Her dress, quite beautiful. We had the same storm that dumped rain on you, head our way and take a tree down in our yard. Yet I'm like you, I still like a good storm.

    Safe travels and breathtaking adventures to you!

  3. I was about to comment on the same thing as "Fairhope Supply" ....that picture of your in-laws looks like a photo shoot from a classic movie.... How gorgeous your Mother in law is in this pic...FIL very handsome too!!!! thank you for taking the time to share your travels.... I had to laugh at your remark about Diesel!!! He appears to be quite the traveling companion!!!! lol

  4. That's a lot of rain! I had to laugh at your comments about the dog. ;) And the photo of the Man's parents is precious. You took me to the campground this morning. Wish I were there!

  5. Loved this post - your husband, your in-laws, your dog - even the weather had a sort of charm about it. Enjoy the moments of peace that accompany your way...


  6. I have been thinking about you, wondering how you were doing.
    I pray that "things" have settled down and your prayers have been answered.

    You sure have had the weather on this trip!

    PS, we both have keepers for husbands!

  7. We love that area and have spent some special times there. Our youngest son was married at the Japanese Tea Garden a few years ago. It's a beautiful place. Enjoy your travels! Sweet hugs!

  8. Love y'all. Miss y'all. Hurry home...when you want to.

  9. I love the picture of Diesel sleeping with the man. So cute. And the sound of rain can be incredibly comforting. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Stay safe and enjoy every minute.

  10. All those years I spent in Abilene, but only had occasion to visit San Antonio once ... that January weekend it was sooooo cold and our hotel was having major issues with their (not)-hot water boilers!
    Love the pix of your in-laws; she was a real beauty. It's kind of a shame those hats went out of fashion, isn't it?
    Stay safe!

  11. What a nice place to stroll. Sometimes my Be Still place is in the storm.

  12. pictures are lovely... reminding me of our trip to san antonio last summer! we missed the tea garden! next time! because i definitely want to go back! i love these scenes from your camping adventure!

  13. What a dreamy vacation...easy living and doing what you even describe the stormy day in a dreamy way.

  14. Hello Dear Dayle....Loved your post. Happy to see you are having a delightful time. But oh MY, that rain! It was a downpour. Hope all is well. I know you are savoring each second. Susan


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