Monday, September 8, 2014

I finished before February and other weekend news

Well, well, dear friends. Persistence and patience paid off and I have completed the baby afghan for my coming grandchild. After multiple unravelings, I admit to having brief moments of doubt, but there are times when being stubborn comes in handy. My crocheting skills were put to the test, to say the least. And while the blanket is not perfect, it is finished. Hallelujah and amen!

I have started another one. It's a very simple pattern (whew), but is done using two strands of yarn throughout, which makes it heavy. I don't plan to work on it again until the weather cools off. You'll be the first to know. Wish me luck!

On Friday, The Man and I drove over to visit the parents. After supper, the skies opened up and drenched the earth. I walked out and stood under the carport, watching the rain fall. There's something about a rainy day that draws out the reflective side of me. I recalled the days of sun and rain not so awfully long ago, days when time stood still, when love and loyalty pointed the way, and the prayers of family and friends brought strength to the four of us. I wouldn't trade those days for anything in the world.

The weekend found my sisters and I enjoying time on the Island. Twin sister invited me and big sis to join her in celebration of a generous raise on her job. She said it would be her treat (speaking of generous), but even had it not been, we would have been there, sharing food and conversation, bedtime prayers, and laughs galore. That's just what we do.

I couldn't be more proud of my twin sister, and if you knew all of the obstacles she has overcome, you'd be proud of her, too. She has always honored God with her finances, and, true to His word, He has blessed her abundantly in return.

We discovered it is nigh to impossible to get a selfie when three people are wearing hats the size of Texas. It didn't stop us from trying though.

In life, I find it so refreshing spending time with my sisters, whether a few minutes or a weekend. Not only are we blessed to have each other, we love each other, unconditionally. Does that mean we're perfect? No. Does that mean we always agree with what the other one does? No. Does that mean we've never had a spat and spoken unkind words to each other? No. But all of these things are temporary situations, while our love for each other is forever.

Until next time, dear friends, thanks for keeping me company. May your week be filled with quiet spaces and friendly faces.



  1. Love all your photos, looks like you had a lot of fun! Your baby afghan turned out gorgeous!!

  2. Sister Time is always a Good Time!
    The afghan is lovely. There is just something so comforting about making a blanket for one's own grandchild. The prayers and dreams (and the odd long hair) knit or crocheted into the pattern make it extra special.

  3. That afghan is just beautiful, Dayle. I am so happy that you are looking forward to having a precious new grandchild. Nothing like it in the world!

    You and your sisters are all just beautiful-with that glow that comes from inside and no amount of makeup can produce. What a blessing to have sisters. I always wanted one but that was not to be. I am jealous!

    Have a great week, Dayle. xo Diana

  4. Such a sweet post...first of all, you did a great job on the afghan! Isn't it fun?? And my oh my but I could hardly tell you and Gayle apart in those selfies! What a fun time time that must have been. I miss seeing all of my sisters in Ohio and reading this has made me homesick for them!

  5. The afghan is beautiful. Delicate, and yet so warm-looking! Congrats on finishing it, and best wishes as your grandchild makes his/her way into this world!

    The *sister selfies* are adorable. Your close relationship shows up in these photos. God has also blessed me with a sister and a brother. And though we don't always see eye-to-eye, we are aligned heart-to-heart.


  6. It was an impromptu getaway, but a needed one, and I was thrilled my sisters could join me. Nothing goes better with getaways than sisters! :-)

  7. I love your closeness with your sisters. I don't know what I'd do without my sisters. They mean so much to me!

  8. You three are adorable!
    I can hear all the giggles and laughter in the photos. How fun to have a sister or two.

    Cheering you on with your next afghan. This one is really fun. Your grandchild will have fun poking fingers through all the the holes. I'm sure it will be a favorite nap time cover.

  9. I'm so proud of your afghan. I haven't even started one in decades, and I have never finished one at all. I'm just horrible at that and decided one day that I should do the things I love instead. That's when I became a wood whisperer instead of a yarn mutterer.

    I love the pictures of you and your sisters, and I say a huge AMEN to the words. If we could really and truly capture the concept of sister love with our sisters in Christ they way we do our *regular* sisters, what a fellowship it would be! We could fight and disagree and even show our ugly side, and the love would remain and heal and restore whatever is cracked. We would fiercely protect each other's heart and reputations and spirits. We would encourage and redirect and be honest in love. We wouldn't have time for grudges, and the notions of envy or coveting would be alien concepts because we couldn't even begin to imagine being anything but pleased and proud of their gifts and accomplishments. Oh, that we could translate that to the family of God.

    Sorry to ramble. As usual, your words got me thinking.

  10. Your baby afghan is just plain sweetness . . .

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Congrats on the new grandbaby! Is this your first? I see you have been in Chicken soup many times--I wonder if you are in a book I'm in?

    1. Terri, yes, my first grandchild. Although I have an adorable step-grandchild (he's nine) that came into the family four years ago, I don't get to see him much at all, which pains me. As for the Chicken Soup books, we may well be in a few together. My complete list of titles is on my "Books" page.

  12. The afghan is so lovely, Dayle!
    Your girlie selfies prompt me to smile so big! Simple pleasures, indeed!

  13. Oh Dayle, your blanket is so beautiful! You did a wonderful job and the yellow is such a happy color :)

    And your pictures are just too cute! Hugs to you!


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