Monday, October 13, 2014

Postcards from the Road ~ Smoky Mountain Monday Musings

Hello, kind readers. The captain has turned off the seatbelt sign and Cloud Nine has come to a halt. The road warriors are in Pigeon Forge, a favorite autumn destination of ours; matter of fact, we were here just last year. True, the 969-mile journey from home is a long one, but we take our time arriving, which makes it bearable, even enjoyable.

On Friday, after a gentle morning rain, we headed to Dollywood where Octobers always find the sweet and stirring sounds of Southern Gospel music in the air and in the theater venues. As two people who sang and played in church most of our lives, what’s not to love about the harmonizing of voices and instruments?

Saturday, I awoke to the sound of more rain on the rooftop, tapping out yet another melody fit for an October morning. Outside, leaves in shades of bronze and orange glistened wet against the ground, autumn's jewels. After making coffee, I sat at the dinette and stared out the window, letting the rain and the hush of morning seep into my soul—life and nature doing its own harmonizing. 

I can't explain why autumn, why the month of October has always cast a spell over me; perhaps it has something to do with being born in October, but as a writer needs the simplicity of words in order to tell a clear story, I need the simplicity of an autumn day in order to gain clarity for the road ahead.

Until next time, sweet friends, thanks for following along on my journey. May your week be filled with the gems of October.



  1. Ah...I love the Smokies and your photos are just lovely. I also see that you were enjoying one of my favorite groups...The Isaacs...what perfect family harmony. Like you, I grew up singing harmony with seven brothers and sisters and there nothing like it! Enjoy the rest of your trip in Cloud Nine, travels.

  2. the last time I was in the Smoky Mountains, I realized it was the one place both sides of my family have traveled to for vacation time for generations and generations before! Did my great-great- grandmother actually stick her feet in the same cold stream?
    Such a special place for Southern families - and for all.
    Thanks for the pretty photos and words.

  3. Oh, my friend...
    I am so thankful you shared this beautiful post this morning!
    I too love the moments of October...
    And the words and photos you shared here fill my soul with autumn love!!!
    Have a cozy day...we are enjoying our glorious leaves here in Pennsylvania...perhaps for one more week until the take leave until spring. : )

  4. You paint such lovely pictures with your words, Dayle, which is why I love reading here. I feel refreshed after drinking in the beautiful words. We have a wedding this weekend on our 34th anniversary. We will be heading to the mountains after the dust has settled from the celebrations. I can't wait. You make me wish we were heading to Tennessee instead of North Carolina. ;)

  5. Hi Dayle ~ Thanks so much for visiting my blog last week and leaving such a lovely comment. Your photos are gorgeous and your writing style is wonderful! Have a great week ahead!

  6. You guys are having way too much fun - and I am having it, too, with you! You have the most amazing travels, and I love the beautiful photos that you share of your journey.

    Enjoy this week immensely!


  7. Oh, the fun you're having on Cloud Nine. Keep your delightful postcards coming!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  8. You have strculk a chord with me today (no pun intended). I am a December baby but my heart and soul lies in October and the Fall months. Your trip sounds wonderful and I hope hubby and I can do some of the same traveling when he retires next year. What a blessing. My kids/grands LOVED Dollywood! They thought it was as much fun as Disney World. xo Diana
    ps. BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  9. I've never heard of Pigeon Forge, but wow! Your photos have certainly gotten my attention! Lovely snippets of October, Dayle!

  10. I absolutely love that area, especially in the fall! The photos are stunning ~ thank you for sharing. I love October...even though I'm a December baby. I think after these brutal Texas summers, I crave the cooler temps (this year, not so much yet), the changing of the seasons, the fragrances of apples, cinnamon, pumpkins, etc. I also love fall & winter clothes!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip ~ and enjoy your quiet mornings.


  11. I visited Tennessee and Dollywood once and it was in October. So incredibly lovely!

  12. What a beautiful picture yo have painted. I love the Smokies and feel blessed to live so close to them. Enjoy your trip sweet friend. xo Laura

  13. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!! I have only been to the Smokies once, but I fell in love...and I left my heart there. We had hoped to move to the Gatlinburg area when we left Florida, but a door didn't open and we ended up out West. Still, though, Eastern Tennessee and Western NC will always be among my most favorite places in the United States.

    Safe travels to you,

  14. Oh, thank you for showing us what October's supposed to resemble! I'm particularly taken with that image of the little chapel in the woods ... wouldn't that be a sweet screen-saver?
    Continued safe travels!

  15. The Smoky Mountains are beautiful. I love them so much more than the Rockies. They're comforting mountains, don't you think? October is a wonderful month, one of my favorites too.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Deborah. The Rockies are beautiful, but they seem cold and daunting, while the Smokies, warm and welcoming.


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