Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Perfect Day for a Baby Shower

Saturday dawned with blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures, a perfect day for my daughter's baby shower. To top it off, I was well enough to go, without wearing a mask.

It started with this adorable invitation.

The cake, with buttercream icing. 

Could it be any cuter? 

The decor was so girly, and Arabella even had her own personalized M&M's.

My daughter made the party favors. 

Aren't they so cute?

I put the centerpieces together with pink spray roses and baby's breath, two of my favorite things.

Crocheting the little hearts on the mason jars was a lot of fun. These were given away as door prizes.

I made the banner, but it didn't photograph well.

The paper was card-stock with a raised polka-dot on it.

My beautiful Anna Marie. I am so blessed to be her mother.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Arabella.

Family ... is there a sweeter word in the English language?

Some family members were not able to come, due to working, being out of town, sickness, or previous engagements. 

They were missed.

To have friends and family who love you is to be truly blessed.

Thoughtful gifts all around.

My mother couldn't make the event, but she sent her handmade pretties, two crocheted blankets and a baby quilt.

Speaking of crochet, I stumbled my way through the pattern for these precious, tiny shoes (don't look closely) ...

... and my niece crocheted these adorable ones. 

Adding the bow was like icing on the cake.

Don't you love them?

And speaking of shoes, when I got the rest of the cake home from the shower, I had to give the shoes their own photography session. 

Have you ever?

Until next time, sweet friends, we're in full baby mode over here. 

Five weeks and two days until due date.



  1. What a happy time for your family. The cake is gorgeous and she really got some wonderful gifts...things she'll love having for the new baby. Hugs!

  2. Dayle...what a wonderful shower and time to be together as you anticipate Arabella's arrival...everything looks absolutely perfect and you did an amazing job on those centerpieces! It won't be long now!

  3. Congratulations on the impending birth! What creative minds to have made those pretties for the shower!

  4. What a precious time you had! Anticipating a new baby is such a joyous time. So many little dear items. Enjoy the waiting game.


  5. Everything was so adorable and your daughter looks beautiful and so happy, Dayle. So happy that you were able to attend. xo Laura

  6. Glad you were feeling healthy, and able to enjoy the festivities! Everything is a adorable...and the best part is yet to be!

  7. I'm SO happy you were able to go. I teared up, Dayle.... I am positively ecstatic with joy... anticipation! Smiles x 18!

    Hugs and happy waiting,

  8. Soooo happy for you!!!! Wonderful that you were able to enjoy this precious time with your daughter and family..... You guys have some amazing talent!!! The little shoes... quilt... blankets... WOW !!!!!

  9. Your daughter is beautiful!
    Did you host the party, being sick?
    Darling party. I love Baby Showers, especially when both the mother and grandmother are honored.

    Now it's a waiting game.

    1. Thanks, Christine. I guess you could say I hosted the party, but it washeld at one of my favorite places to eat, White Flamingo restaurant, in the tea room. It was a good day.

  10. Wow absolutely amazing baby shower, everything so beautifully done. Congratulations & awaiting the arrival of your baby granddaughter 💖

  11. I came back for another look at those precious, teensy "espadrilles" you made! They are SO ADORABLE!


  12. I love the mother and daughter pictures. I am so excited for you and your beautiful daughter.


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